Sell Stamps For Cash Near Me: Old, Vintage, Unused, Rare


You can make money by selling your stamps. The Best Appraisers and Dealers Are Listed Here!

Have questions about how to get cash for stamps? The best places to have your stamp collection appraised are in high demand, with tens of thousands of people eager to find them. If your stamps are rare, they could be worth a lot of money. We’ve compiled the best stamp-buying companies for you here.

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Most Reliable Websites for the Sale of Stamps

1. Stamp of the West Coast

Are you unsure of the best place to sell your stamps? You can get money for your stamps at West Coast Stamp, one of the best sites. If you opt to sell your stamps to a stamp collector, you may expect to obtain the most money.

Stamp dealers might also be a source for the stamps you want to sell. If you decide to take this path, you’ll be able to seek advice from specialists who know what they’re doing.

Finally, if you have stamps on consignment, you may have them sold by a professional who will act as your agent in selling your stamps.

Stamp enthusiasts have trusted West Coast Stamp for over three decades, and it continues to grow. Consider West Coast Stamp if you’re ready to cash in on unused contemporary stamps.

2. If you have unused stamps, you may either give them away or sell them.

You can’t go wrong with a firm like Sell Unused Stamps when selling your stamp collection. You may also get money for your everlasting stamps by selling them on eBay. To sell your stamps for cash, they make it a cinch. Their stamp purchases have totaled more than $6 million this far.

More than 18,000 individuals have sold their stamps via them. Sell Unused Stamps’ quick response time is a crucial factor in their favor. It’s possible to collect your money in a single day. You may pay by cheque or PayPal for your stamps. If your stamps are in good shape, you will obtain more money.

3. The Randy Scholl Company is the third.

Are you looking for collectors of stamps? The Randy Scholl Company is the business for which you’ve been searching. The Randy Scholl Company is a stamp buyer that takes its business seriously. Your collection will be sold if it’s worth enough. The following stamp collections pique the curiosity of Randy Scholl Company:

  • Rare Civil War Wartime Postcards
  • Stamps of Income
  • U.S. collections
  • Stamps from China
  • Postage Stamps from Asia
  • Korean Postage Stamps

There is no value in common stamps for Randy Scholl Company. To conduct business with them, you’ll need to have those stamps.

4. The Mystic Stamp Company. “

Incorporated in 1923, Mystic Stamp is one of the country’s leading stamp purchasers. Your stamp collections may be purchased through Mystic Stamp. Mystic Stamp has invested more than $70 million in the previous five years.

As a result, they are well-off and eager to add to their stamp collections. It’s easy to get cash for your old stamps. To begin, you need to decide if you’re an avid or a casual collector.

Mystic Stamp will be able to better serve your requirements due to this. Get in contact with the Mystic Stamp Company immediately if you’re ready to sell your old stamps!

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5. The apple tree

Do you want to be able to sell your old stamps for cash? If so, Apffelbaum, one of the top stamp collectors, will take care of it. There are several places where you may receive a stamp valuation. For your stamps, Apfelbaum will pay you market value.

The Apfelbaum stamp business dates back to 1910. So, they are professionals in stamp valuation and sale facilitation. I recommend you deal with Apfelbaul if you want to get the greatest price for your stamps.

6. Durable is number six.

Find the finest location to sell vintage stamps by visiting this site. Durable, a firm that buys rare stamps, will purchase your stamps for cash. If you have a collection of rare stamps, you should contact the Durable team.

Durable is one of the most reputable dealers in rare stamps. Make sure you visit their website right now.

7. Return the Stamps I Bought

Are there any unopened envelopes in your possession? Please note that the post office is not able to accept them back. Return My Stamps, a firm that genuinely buys your unwanted stamps, is a welcome relief. Your stamps will be exchanged for actual money.

A check, PayPal, or wire transfer will be sent to you as a form of payment from Return My Stamps. Over 15,000 consumers have received refunds totaling over $4 million in stamps. Make money from your postage stamp collection by joining Return My Stamps now!

8.  Dr. Bob Stamps

A stamp collection that’s worth a lot of money? If this is the case, Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons are one of the country’s biggest stamp collectors. For more than 40 years, they’ve been dealing in stamps.

It’s fascinating that they’ll come to you no matter where you live in the United States. You’ll get paid right there and then for the things you gather. They’re one of the most popular stamp collectors out there. Check them out right now!

9. Stamps Can Be Exchanged For Cash

Your postage stamps function as a kind of cash. There is no time limit on the use of stamps. As a consequence, even antique stamps are worth something.

They’ll give you money. It’s even nicer if you have a special stamp collection. Selling your stamps to Cash For Your Stamps is a good option if you aren’t sure where to sell historical stamps.


Where can you get vintage postal stamps? You may sell them to Sandafayre, who will pay you cash. You can trust them to get the job done well since they’re the stamp specialists.

You’ll want to cooperate with this company to obtain the most money for your stamps. Sandafayre is your firm if you’re ready to sell rare stamps. To get your stamp collection appraised and purchased, contact them right away.

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11. Warwick and Warwick

Are you looking for folks who collect and purchase stamps? Warwick & Warwick stamp enthusiasts would gladly purchase your stamps. Stamps may be easily sold on the internet using them. In operation since 1958, the firm of Warwick & Warwick is an established and trustworthy one.

Your stamps will be sold in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and across the globe. Warwick & Warwick are among the most reputable dealers in rare stamps.

12. PGS Gold and Coin Services, Inc.

So, you’ve got some stamps you want to cash in on? Recognized as stamp collectors, PGS Gold & Coin is a dependable source for stamp purchases. You may get money for your unused stamps.

Mounted international collections, wartime covers, and the Civil War are just some of the things they are interested in. Stamps may be appraised and purchased through PGS Gold & Coin. If you care about their monetary value, get your stamps assessed by PGS Gold & Coin.

13. Weir, Gray, & Co.

Sotheby’s is one of the most sought-after purchasers of rare stamps at auction. Sotheby’s has acquired a slew of priceless stamps. Stamps having a high value are what they specialize in.

According to the company’s website, Sotheby’s New York Store reportedly sold the most expensive stamp in the world. This is why stamp appraisers rely on them so heavily. With Sotheby’s, you’ll get the best price for your unique stamp collection.

14. Deal Stamp and Company

Deal Stamp & Co. specializes in acquiring rare and expensive historical coins and stamps. With Deal Stamp & Co., it’s rather simple to get your vintage stamps assessed. Choosing to deal with a firm that has been in business for more than half a century is a no-brainer decision.

If you want to sell your stamps, don’t sell them to just anybody. Go with a well-known business to get the greatest price for your stamp collection. That’s precisely what Deal Stamp & Co can accomplish for you!

15. Fredericton Currency Exchange

When it comes to cashing in your stamps, Frederick Coin Exchange has teamed up with the top dealers. Stamp dealers in their area can tell you just how much your collection is worth. Selling stamps is a lucrative business.

To have your stamps assessed by their dealers and to buy them from you, Frederick Coin Exchange is happy to help.

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16. Stamp Buyer Canada

To find stamp collectors in Canada, you need to search no further. If you’ve got old or unusual stamps, Stamp Buyer Canada would gladly pay you cash for them. That collection of stamps you’ve been hoarding may be worth a lot of money now that you’ve discovered their true value.

When determining the value of your stamps, you’ll need to enlist the help of experts. We purchase old letters, envelopes, postcards, and more in addition to the stamps themselves.

Are There Any Places I Can Sell My Precious Stamps?

You don’t want to sell valuable stamps to just any firm if you have them. If you want to sell stamps for the first time, stick with well-known brands. However, there are many long-standing businesses to choose from. You don’t have to work hard to sell your stamps.

They include West Coast Stamp and the Randy Scholl Company, where you can sell unused stamps. Sell your precious stamps here for the greatest prices.

How Much Do Stamps Sell For?

It is possible to make thousands of dollars by selling your stamps on the secondary market. Price varies according to demand. Each stamp is a one-of-a-kind work of art. A variety of variables determines the value of your stamps.

Over $1,000 is not uncommon for stamps. Millions of people might be affected. Finally, you must decide whether you have a vintage or uncommon collection.

A stamp assessor or dealer may provide you with an estimate of the value of your stamp collection. This is why it is necessary to get your stamps assessed to be certain.

How Much Do Old Stamps Go For?

No, you can’t sell your old stamps for money. The higher the value of your stamps, the older they are. The stamps in your old album may be worth a lot of money. A fortune might be waiting for you. Only a stamp buyer can tell whether they’re genuine or not.

You will obtain a more accurate response regarding how much money you can collect for your old stamps if you do this.

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Do Pawn Shops Buy Stamps?

You may sell your stamps to a pawn business. However, I would steer clear of selling your stamps to anybody, no matter who they are. When selling your stamps to Pawn shops, you’ll get much less money than they’re worth.

You’ll receive less than the face value if you redeem your stamps. You should avoid stamp pawn businesses even though they purchase them. If you want to sell stamps, go via a professional stamp dealer. Your ancient and vintage stamps should be sold this way if you want to obtain the highest money.

Why Is My Stamp Collection Valuable?

There are a few factors to look out for when determining the value of your stamps. Discover the stamp’s release date, age, and other relevant details.

It’s important to keep an eye out for these factors while determining the value of your stamps. Get your stamps assessed instead of selling them for scrap metal.


As a stamp collector or someone who owns a collection of stamps, you may sell them for a profit. It is possible to sell your stamps to a reputable company that will pay you top dollar.

Even if you don’t have any rare stamps, you can still make some money. I recommend contacting the stamp dealers listed in this post if you are looking for persons who purchase stamps.

Are you looking for a good location to sell stamps?

According to experts, Sotheby’s is the greatest auction house for the sale of rare stamps. Sir Maxwell Joseph, Sir Gawaine Baillie, and Lady Mairi Bury were all represented by Sotheby’s at the inaugural postage stamp auction held in 1872. Many more have followed in their footsteps.

Is it possible to get money in return for stamps?

Exchanges rather than cash refunds are offered by the vast majority of merchants, including the Post Office. You may also utilize a stamp-exchange business to get cash for your stamps.

How can I find out the value of my stamp collection?

A stamp’s current market price may be found on various websites, including auction sites, stamp dealer websites, stamp forum websites, and stamp collector and enthusiast websites. Using StampWorld, you can quickly and easily determine how much stamps are worth.

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If so, where can I find it?

The free “Stamp Manager” software takes the world of stamp collectors into the digital era with a mobile PC platform. Apps for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are free.

How do I go about selling a lifetime stamp?

After purchasing stamps from the Post Office, most transactions are final and non-refundable. Even if you can’t return stamps to the post office, a few other choices are available. A Postage Buying Service will buy your stamps in return for cash.

What can you do with 1-cent stamps?

Older stamps, whose face value does not pay current postal rates, are sometimes supplemented by 1-cent and 3-cent stamps.

Is there any monetary value in ancient, unused stamps?

In the United States, all postal stamps issued after 1930 are worth their face value. Because of this, you may make some additional money by selling your old stamps to a stamp collector. To send letters and goods, you may also utilize these.

Is it possible to utilize an old, unused stamp?

Answer: no, even when postal prices climb, they’ll always be good. As long as they can be shown to be real postage, they stay valid indefinitely. Using an outdated, tattered-looking stamp on a letter will almost probably result in rejection.

How much value does a Penny Red stamp have?

The fact is that Penny Reds, which have been created and used more than 21 billion times, are not rare — and are often rather expensive.

If you have a well-preserved imperforate Penny Red stamp, you may expect to get anything from 50p to £5 for it. It might be a little more if the margins are good but much less if they are bad.

Does the face value of stamps matter?

Depending on the nature and condition of the stamp, they often sell in bulk for 30 to 70 percent of face value. Some companies will pay cash for unused postal stamps from the current era. The result of selling stamps for cash relies on the person you sell them to.

What’s the going rate for a three-cent stamp?

A side picture of George Washington on a brown backdrop graced that issue’s cover, making it the first in the country to be printed three-center. Depending on the condition, these stamps may fetch anywhere from $40 to $1,300.

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Is a one-cent Franklin stamp worth a lot of money?

Two rotary press types that appear very similar to typical flat-plate issues are highly rare and worth thousands, whereas the bulk of 1 green Benjamin Franklin stamps are common and less than $1 each.

Is there any monetary value in 1960s postage stamps?

Stamps issued before 1960 may be valued, but this does not necessarily indicate they are more valuable. Many real manufacturing mistakes (e.g., a lack of color on a stamp) are more valuable than typical problems.

Can I send a letter with two 37-cent stamps?

You may use them whenever you want. Using any mix of stamps is permissible to meet the postage requirements. The Post Office encourages you to use all of your stamps, even though it may seem “tacky”.

What Is the Purpose of Crossing Out “Forever” Stamps?

“Forever” has been erased from this picture to avoid counterfeiting. Forever Stamps will never expire.

How do I know if my stamps are still good?

You can tell whether your USPS stamps are valid by looking at them quickly. A stamp with the phrase “Forever” may be used to seal an envelope and ship a letter (as long as the letter does not exceed one ounce in weight).

What is the value of a Penny Black postage stamp?

Penny Blacks may now be had for as cheap as £15-£30 in bad to an acceptable condition in 2019. More expensive specimens will set you back between £40 and £150 while good used examples will cost between £250 and £400.

Is there any value in postage stamps from the 1940s?

The fact that a stamp was issued decades ago doesn’t always mean it’s worth a million dollars. The speculative activity of dealers and certain collectors during this period resulted in the mint. They used stamps of many people being offered for a very low price today.

What is a black stamp, and what is it used for?

When the Penny Black was introduced, it was the world’s first adhesive postage stamp. When Sir Rowland Hill came up with the idea of a pre-payment stamp, it was to make things easier. For a while, postage on delivery was expected to be paid by the receiver based on the number of sheets and the distance traveled.

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There are how many plate 77 Penny Reds?

Plate 77 Penny Reds, which were never supposed to exist, is considered the holy grail of philately by collectors and speculators. Postal agencies printed the stamps, but they were never offered for sale because of the stamps’ perceived poor quality.

Is eBay a good place to sell Forever stamps?

As long as the stamps are real, it is allowed to resale them. It’s up to you what you charge.

A 4-cent Lincoln stamp is worth what?

Exactly how much is an Abe Lincoln four-cent stamp worth? The postage value of a single uncanceled 4-cent Abraham Lincoln stamp is four cents… Since the American Civil War, all postage stamps have been valued equally.

What is the most scarce 3-cent stamp?

$900,000 ($768k) in the United States Griddle 3 George Washington B-grill One of the most sought-after philatelic items in the United States is the 1867 3 George Washington rose version. A recent example sold for $900,000 (£768k) at auction.

How old is the 3-cent stamp depicting George Washington?

The three-cent stamp is worth $1 million. Anonymous bidders purchased a pink 3-cent stamp picturing George Washington on Wednesday for $1,035,000, plus commission.

What makes a Benjamin Franklin stamp valuable?

The 1908 Benjamin Franklin 1-cent stamp has a high value due to its scarcity and the variation in the image printed on the face of the stamp.

How much is a 32-cent stamp worth?

The G rate make-up stamp inscription appears at the bottom of the three-cent coin.

Is there a time limit on the validity of Canadian postage stamps?

Stamps that begin with P are always accepted for use at the current domestic postage rate because they do not indicate a denomination. You may use a PERMANENT stamp now and in the future if you buy one now.

What if a stamp doesn’t have a price on it?

Forever stamps do not hold a monetary value. First-class postage rates for a one-ounce envelope determine the value of these items rather than their actual weight.

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Is it OK to place tape over a postal stamp?

Securely affix your stamps, but do not cover them with tape – this invalidates the postage. A glue stick may be preferable if your envelope is textured, has decorative fibers, or has floral inclusions.

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