Sample Letters Giving Permission to Use Copyrighted Material

An author’s work is legally protected via the use of copyright, according to’s definition. It is a kind of intellectual property that grants the owner the only right to publish, distribute, and otherwise exploit the work. Anyone else cannot use or publish an author’s material without first obtaining the author’s permission. Permission to use … Read more

Sample Announcement of Change of Business Address

Every customer should be made aware of your new location as soon as possible when your company moves to a new location. Sample 1: Announcement of change of business address [Date] Dear Customer: We would like to inform you that on [DATE of Relocation], our business operations will be relocated at [NEW Address] [During the … Read more

Letter of Intent to Franchise 7- Eleven Sample

(Name of recipient) (Address here) Dear Sir/Madam: I wish to formalize my interest and sincere intention to pursue a franchise business application for a 711 convenience store. I am intending to set up my 711 branch in: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. I also include the following important information for evaluation: 1. (location map, landmark and actual site here) … Read more

Sample Letter Final Notice Before Legal Action

As a business owner, it is terrible that some consumers just cannot or will not pay their invoices. This is a letter of intent to initiate legal action if you have followed the six-step procedure to attempt to recover the overdue payment. This letter is sometimes referred to as a letter of final demand. Sample … Read more

Sample Announcement of Clearance Sale

Sample 1: Announcement of Clearance Sale If you’d want to send this notification through email, you may do so with the necessary photos attached. [Date] [Name of Company] We would like to announce that we will be having a [Season] Clearance Sale. We will be offering up to 50% discount on all merchandise starting from … Read more

Sample Letters for Acknowledging Receipt Of Goods

Make sure the customer gets precisely what they paid for when you deliver products to them, as stated on the invoice. Your clients will sign one of the following types of an acceptance of receipt of products letter/form so that you can guarantee that this is the case and avoid future problems. This may be … Read more

Sample condolence letters after death of employee

People are shocked and saddened when one of their coworkers or coworkers passes away while your company employs them. A letter of condolence and a notification of the employee’s death are common occurrences. If you’re having trouble crafting your own, take a cue from the following examples. Sample 1: Condolence letter to the family of … Read more

Sample Confirmation of Purchase Agreement´┐╝

The best practice is to follow up with a written confirmation of the terms of the deal after your consumer has verbally agreed to buy from you. There will be no ambiguities, and your client will be unable to amend the terms of the agreement at a later stage. Sample 1: Letter confirming a purchase … Read more

Sample Request for Wholesale Price List

Most businesses often get inquiries about their wholesale pricing. You must express your desires for one clearly and precisely when requesting one. What do you mean by brochure or catalog? Do you mean personalized quote? You don’t need to ask for conditions at this point since most organizations will include them in their response. Many … Read more

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