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Catalytic Converters Should Be Sold or Recycled

Planning to unload some catalytic converters? You’ve come to the correct site, then. Most people who throw away their cars don’t think about the money they could make by selling the car’s parts. Those that can be sold for scrap metal. I will discuss the top sources for purchasing catalytic converters.

Find out which businesses buy used catalytic converters the most quickly and easily.

1. Cash In On Your Catalytic Converter With RRCats

Looking to unload your catalytic converter? RRCats is among the best in the United States when looking for a buyer of catalytic converters. The newest scrap pricing for catalytic converters may be found on RRCats, so that’s good news.

RRCats lists the costs of many types of catalytic converters on their website.

  • Large Overseas Cat
  • Torpedo Cat
  • Diesel Cat
  • Aftermarket Cat

With RRCats, you can quickly and conveniently sell your cats for money. Include your name, serial numbers, and images of the cats you’re selling in the RRCats website’s form.

RRCats will send used catalytic converter pricing information after submission. You may stop stressing over finding a place to sell catalytic converters. You can count on RRCats to provide.

2. Catalytic Converter Recycling with Eco trade

Catalytic converter recycling options are unclear. At the forefront of the catalytic converter recycling industry is Eco trade. You can sell your catalytic converters to us because we pay the most for them.

Eco trade has been in the business of cat recycling for over 20 years, so you can rest assured that they have the expertise you require. You can also find out how much junk catalytic converters are worth.

Specifically, over 20,000 catalytic converter codes and prices and images are immediately available. Visit Eco trade if you’re looking for a place to sell your used catalytic converters.

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3. Costs of Reselling Old Cats as Scrap

Is it your intention to dispose of your existing catalytic converter? Scrap Cat Prices is an easy place to sell your cats. A new version of their catalog is released frequently. Use the cat grade or number to narrow your search results.

You may not give much thought to your catalytic converter, but it has some value. Furthermore, the metal itself has considerable worth. The Scrap Cat Prices can tell you more.

4.  Metals of Specialty

Can you spare some metals or old catalytic converters? Specialty Metals is among the top companies for recycling metal scraps, so you may sell or recycle them with them. Since 1980, Specialty Metals has been in the business of metal refining.

Then, they have extensive experience in the market. Bring your old catalytic converter to Specialty Metals, where you can get cash.

5. Christensen Recycling

I can’t seem to find any information about who purchases catalytic converters. Cats can be recycled at Christensen Recycling. The recycling of your precious metals is simple. A valuable metal in a catalytic converter is rhodium, but platinum and palladium are also used.

The specific breed of cat determines the value of your catalytic converter. You can sell your catalytic converter for a reasonable price even if you don’t have the serial number. Christensen Recycle is a great option if you need to sell your catalytic converter. Read up on them, would ya?

6. Methods for Recovering Platinum Group Metals

You can sell your catalytic converters for money. Used and PGM Recovery systems want aged cats. It’s a company priority for PGM to reuse and recycle catalytic converters. No matter where you are in the United States, you may get a quote for your car.

PGM offers a free price guide for anyone interested in learning how much their catalytic converters are worth. You can also sell your scrap catalytic converters to PGM Recovery Systems, both the ones you’ve de-canned and the ones you’ve left whole. To find out more, please contact PGM.

7. Don’t throw away your catalytic converter; reuse it!

Whoever buys catalytic converters is a mystery to me. To get the most cash for your old catalytic converters, bring them to RecycleYourCatalyticConverter. They prioritize honesty and providing a positive experience. Recycle YourCatalyticConverter is not limited to merely cat purchases.

They’re looking to buy raw metals, scrap metal, and recycled auto parts. You may hawk various parts, including brake rotors, aluminum wheels, oxygen sensors, etc. When looking for a buyer of catalytic converters, RecycleYourCatalyticConverter is an excellent option. Put it up for sale right now!

8.  ConvertingGuy

ConvertyGuy is one of the leading catalytic converter recycling firms in the United States, and they can recycle your old converters for you. Inevitably, mechanical tools will break down. The value of the metals contained within makes them useful in various contexts.

You can also contribute to environmental improvement by reusing and reprocessing these metals. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with ConverterGuy, who has extensive knowledge of catalytic converters.

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9. PDF Scrubber Recycler

Do you need money for a catalytic converter? PDF Recycler is a reliable business that will pay you cash for your animals. You’ll need an account to begin recycling used catalytic converters.

You may print free shipping labels to send your cat converters from that page. An estimate of the value of your catalytic converters will be provided. After the items have been shipped and received, payment will be made via PayPal or check.

10. Reclaimed

Reclaimed is a firm in the United Kingdom that buys and recycles catalytic converters and other metals. Selling your old catalytic converters for cash is a viable option. If interested in a catalytic converter from Reclamet, fill out their online quote form.

11.  SL Recycling

SL Recycling is the firm to go with if you’re looking for the most money for your old Catalytic Converters. The business of SL Recycling is located in the United Kingdom. They are interested in purchasing cat converters from British residents.

They wish to aid in the reduction of garbage since they are environmentally conscious. This means that recycling is vital to SL Recycling’s operations. Give SL Recycling your converters and scrap metals.

12.  Maryland Core, Inc.

Maryland Core Inc is one of the largest consumers of trash catalytic converters, auto parts, and another automotive scrap.

What you can buy with Maryland Core

  • Transmissions
  • torque converters
  • alternators
  • brake calipers
  • injection pumps
  • catalytic converters

Powering Water Supply Systems With Pumps

You may get money for your used vehicle components and catalytic converters at Maryland Core. See what you can learn about them right now by visiting their websites.

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13. Brenner Recycler

Brenner Recycling is the best option if you’ve ever considered getting rid of your catalytic converter through recycling or scrapping. Anyone, whether a corporation or an individual, is welcome to collaborate with Brenner Recycling.

You may sell your used catalytic converters for top dollar. The efficiency of various catalytic converters varies. You will need to acquire a quote to find out how much money you may get for your old cat converters.

Send in some images and serial numbers to get a price quote. And then Brenner Recycling will provide you with a price. Brenner Recycling will issue a check for the agreed-upon amount should you proceed with the agreement.

14.  Get Fast Money for Your Junk Car

In today’s market, catalytic converters are a highly sought-after item. Platinum, rhodium, and palladium are only a few of the precious metals used in catalytic converters.

Initiate the process by completing the online form provided by Cash Auto Salvage. You will be asked to upload images and detailed descriptions of the catalytic converters you sell. That’s all, really, the only thing you need to do.

15. In a nutshell, Davis Recycles

Davis Recycling is a nationwide buyer of catalytic converters. They’ll even come to get your old catalytic converters off your hands.

You may get rid of your used converters by sending text messages with pictures of your kitties. You can also call them if that is more convenient for you. David Recycling is the place to get rid of your used catalytic converters.

16. R.S. Davis Recycles

R.S. Davis Recycling will gladly buy your unwanted catalytic converters and scrap batteries. Bring them to one of their locations so they can be inspected. When you sell your used catalytic converters, you will get paid quickly. Contact them right this minute!

17. Colorado Junk Cars

Catalytic converters can be sold for cash to Colorado Junk Cars. They’re seasoned pros in the field of auto salvage, and they acquire trash cars as well. See how much you may receive for your used auto parts by visiting Colorado Junk Cars.

18. PGM Texas

Regarding recycling catalytic converters, PGM of Texas is the undisputed industry standard. With PGM, it’s simple to reuse and repurpose components like O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

PGM operates out of several different cities around the USA. Contact them if you want a price quote on metals or automobile components.

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19 Neal’s Essential Products

Finding a store that sells catalytic converters has been your quest. Looking for a major buyer, look no farther than Neal’s Core Supply.

Neal’s Core Supply team has extensive knowledge of the metals industry. Both the general public and private sector benefit from their efforts. Items that can be purchased at Neal’s Core Supply include:

  • Rotor Catalyst Battery Radiator Motor
  • Brass
  • Copper

20. Core Capital Reuse and Recycling

Capital Core Recycling has an online database with scrap catalytic converter prices and images. The pricing structure of this company is completely transparent.

The recycling of catalytic converters is their specialty. Capital Core Recycling has served as a reliable business for over 20 years. The employees are quite helpful and kind. Your catalytic converters will fetch a high price.

21. T&S Automobile Dismantlers

T&S Vehicle Salvage can buy your used auto components if you need money. Used batteries with usable cores can fetch upwards of $25. You can sell your old vehicle or its components for the money.

There is always a market for unwanted automobiles in the scrap metal sector, willing to pay good money for them. T&S Auto Salvage has been purchasing vehicles from the general public since 2000, making them experts in the field.

You may make some additional money on the side by selling them your old, broken-down car. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend visiting T&S Auto Salvage.

Reasons to Recycle Your Catalytic Converter

An effective catalytic converter should be recycled since doing so has many positive outcomes. A car’s catalytic converter is crucial to its overall functioning. It can be located in the tailpipe. You can expect to find materials like ceramic, platinum, palladium, and more inside it.

Even if you may not think much of your car, its components are worth the money. Catalytic converters are highly sought in the scrap metal market. You can do your part to protect the planet by opting to recycle. Producing platinum is a laborious process.

When salvaged from components like a catalytic converter, it has a smaller impact on the natural world. In light of this, recycling is ideal because you can help the environment and get some money simultaneously. No matter how it goes, everyone benefits.

What is the Value of a Catalytic Converter, Even If It Is Used?

For your old catalytic converter, you may expect to receive anything from $500 to $800 if your vehicle is considered exotic. You should expect to pay between $150 and $200 for high-quality domestic automobile cates.

Can You Tell Me Who Would Buy My Catalytic Converter?

To get the most money, sell your catalytic converters to a scrap metal or junk auto buyer. You can sell your used catalytic converter to a recycling company and get paid for it.

What factors determine the value of a catalytic converter?

Your catalytic converter’s market value can be researched online. The websites of most businesses have extensive cost breakdowns. Because of this, locating pricing information or requesting a quote is simple.

To what extent does the value of a catalytic converter’s platinum lie?

In a catalytic converter, the platinum is worth at least $100. An average catalytic converter contains roughly 4 grams of platinum. In addition to its current value, the palladium and rhodium it contains will increase that value exponentially.

Is there any value in my used Catalytic Converter?

The value of your used catalytic converter is undeniable. This is because they contain valuable metals. Selling these metals might net you several hundred dollars.

Closing Remarks

The precious metals in your used and discarded catalytic converter make them more than just a useless piece of rubbish. Any businesses discussed below are good options for selling or recycling your catalytic converter. Pay cash now for your feline friend!

How much can I sell a catalytic converter for?

How long your catalytic converter lasts depends on the car you drive and how well it is maintained. However, a scrap catalytic converter might fetch $300-$1,500 at the local junkyard.

Where can I get the most money for my catalytic converter?

A scrap yard is the greatest place to sell your catalytic converter because metals are worth more than car parts.

Can I sell my used catalytic converter for a profit?

The money you can earn from recycling your catalytic converter is just one perk. You can receive top pay for your cat converter if you sell it to a metal recycling business, as it contains valuable metals that can be recycled.

Where can I find the best prices for trash catalytic converters?

Which Company Produces the Most Expensive Catalytic Converters?? The Ferrari F430’s $3,770.00 catalytic converter in 2020 was the highest price ever recorded.

Among catalytic converters, which ones are the most commonly taken?

It seems that thieves often target Prius models, Tacomas, Lexus SUVs, and Accords when looking to steal a catalytic converter. Therefore, if you have one of these cars, you should keep it locked.

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Catalytic converters: do they come with a serial number?

Due to the absence of serial numbers, it is extremely difficult for a scrap trader to identify a missing or stolen catalytic converter.

Where do stolen catalytic converters go, and what do they fetch?

Given the existing structure of the supply chain, these components fetch a high price from scrap metal and recycling facilities. According to auto specialists, the price of a catalytic converter can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

To what end does one put a catalytic converter that has been stolen?

If a person’s catalytic converter is stolen, he or she should report it to the police and then get in touch with their insurance carrier. Theft of a catalytic converter is typically covered by comprehensive insurance.

How do stolen catalytic converters find new homes?

Stolen catalytic converters can be sold for hundreds of dollars at auto parts stores or scrap yards due to the high demand for rare metals like palladium and rhodium. A single ounce of these metals is worth thousands of dollars.

Why are Prius catalytic converters stolen?

Catalytic converters are in high demand, and they appear to know which models, like the ones found in older Priuses, fetch the highest prices. The price of precious metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium has skyrocketed since mine production has decreased.

To what extent does the value of an F-250 catalytic converter lie?

Replacement of Catalytic Converters in a Ford F-250 Super Duty: Approximate Cost. The price of labor might be anywhere from $108 to $136, with the price of parts being $2,429.

How much do catalytic converters for a Dodge Ram 1500 cost?

Removing and Replacing the Catalytic Converter in a Dodge Ram 1500 The price of the parts is $1,504, and the price of labor is estimated to be between $126 and $159.

Which automobiles have the lowest chance of having their catalytic converters stolen?

Vehicles equipped with the device in the engine compartment are less likely to be stolen. Thieves favor older vehicles because their catalytic converters contain more valuable metals than modern vehicles.

Just what are the benefits of using a catalytic converter?

Because of the rich metals they contain, catalytic converters can be quite lucrative. They command a premium in the scrap market due to their extreme rarity. This object contains rhodium, palladium, and platinum, the three rarest and most expensive metals.

What would you give for a used Ford F-250 catalytic converter?

Even though these diesel catalytic converters have some resale value due to the presence of recovered metals, their average value is less than $5.00.

To what end do people steal Honda catalytic converters?

The catalytic converter is a commonly stolen part of an automobile because of its high platinum content. In a Twitter post, the Salisbury Police Department said that Toyota Priuses, Honda vans, and pickup trucks were the most commonly stolen vehicles in the city.

How much does a catalytic converter for a Corolla cost?

The cost of a new catalytic converter for a Toyota Corolla is low. The price of the parts is between $1,682 and $1,694, while the price of labor is between $64 and $80.

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Is Vin present in catalytic converters?

Even though serial numbers aren’t required on most car converters, a select few producers do add them.

Because catalytic converters are manufactured in a different area of the warehouse, keeping tabs on them as they make their way through the assembly line is challenging. Because they don’t contain the VIN, serial numbers make it harder to recover stolen automobiles.

What should you do if a catalytic converter doesn’t have any numbers?

If the catalytic converter’s serial number or other identifying information is removed, the inspection will be considered tampered, and the vehicle will fail.

If the CAT numbers on your catalytic converter are hidden, smog check experts will not be able to determine whether or not your vehicle is compatible with the converter.

My catalytic converter was stolen; may I file a claim?

If your catalytic converter is stolen, your car insurance’s comprehensive coverage will likely pay for the repairs. The cost of a replacement converter and any repairs necessitated by theft may be covered by comprehensive insurance.

Can a straight pipe be used in place of a missing catalytic converter?

Is it feasible to ditch the catalytic converter in favor of a conventional exhaust system? Not in the sense of the law, no. Catalyst manipulation is illegal in most states because of emissions regulations (I.e., any with a vehicle inspection).

How much do catalytic converters often go for on the used car market?

A catalytic converter’s street value can range from $100 to $700.00, depending on the type of car it was stolen from. However, the cost of replacing a stolen item is far higher. Replacing a catalytic converter will earn between $1,000 and $3,000.

How much does a Toyota Prius catalytic converter cost?

The price of a new catalytic converter for a Toyota Prius. The cost of the parts is about $2,053 to $2,057, while the price of the labor is about $92 to $116. It considers the age and quantity of Toyota Prius vehicles on the road.

How much does a catalytic converter for an F-350 truck cost?

Ford F-350 Super Duty Catalytic Converter Replacement Estimated Cost, The cost of the parts is $3,000, while the cost of labor is estimated to be between $107 and $135. The quantity and the average age of Ford F-350 Super Duty trucks currently in use served as the basis for this estimation.

Can you tell me how much a catalytic converter for a Ford F-150 would cost?

Fixing a faulty catalytic converter usually costs between $950 and $2500. There’s no way around the fact that you’ll have to pay a lot to fix this. The 2001 Ford F150 has a catalytic converter with a scrap value of $850.

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Can you tell me how much a catalytic converter for an F-150 would cost?

The cost of replacing the catalytic converter in a Ford F-150’s emissions system ranges from $450 to $800. Two converters, one located in the truck’s rear and the other up front, power either side of the vehicle.

Which vehicles do not have catalytic converters?

The Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, and Volkswagen ID3 are examples of purely electric vehicles which do not need an exhaust system. However, plug-in hybrids do

To what year did automakers stop installing catalytic converters?

Hondas manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s with CVCC lean burn engines do not need a catalytic converter. Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, only a handful of automobiles had them.

Because they don’t need one, electric automobiles lack an exhaust pipe. I was wondering if aftermarket catalytic converters are legal in California.

How many catalytic converters are in a car?

There will only be one catalytic converter in each vehicle. You will require a catalytic converter if your vehicle has a dual exhaust system. If you need to replace your catalytic converter, you may also see one or more of the following signs: Please take your car in for maintenance as soon as possible.

Does insurance cover stolen catalytic converters?

Full coverage policies typically cover automobiles with stolen catalytic converters. If your catalytic converter is stolen or damaged, comprehensive auto insurance should pay to have it replaced and/or fix the damage.

Why do tweakers steal catalytic converters?

Thieves target catalytic converters because of the precious metals platinum and rhodium they contain. When most people start their cars, they don’t notice anything unusual until they hear their catalytic converters rattling.

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Do non-functional catalytic converters have any value?

You can earn more money for your old catalytic converter if you’ve had it changed and are now selling it for scrap. Vehicles with aftermarket catalytic converters are worth less than scrap metal (installed after factory construction).

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