Is It safe To Put Fabuloso In Toilet Tank


With its entertaining dancing videos, beauty tutorials, and how-to movies for household chores, TikTok has earned our gratitude.

In 2021, one of these hacks topped the list. The toilet tank and a bottle of Fabuloso, a widely used all-purpose cleaner, are included.

Every time you flush, it is said that your bathroom will smell fresh and clean. This implies that you’ll be able to spend more time doing pleasant activities and less time cleaning your toilet.

If something sounds too good and you don’t believe it is, it probably is. It’s not a bad hack, but it’s becoming more prevalent.

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If your toilet has hard, unattractive water stains that nothing can get rid of, the Blue liquid is a better alternative since it’s a new rinse with each flush.

However, it’s important to realize that Fabuloso and other general-purpose cleaners aren’t especially intended for use in toilets. As a result, gaskets and seals made of rubber or plastic may be damaged, which increases the risk of leaks, according to Apartment Therapy.

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Using a single bottle of Fabuloso might cause harm to your tank’s internal components over a longer period, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Poor flushing might also be a problem. If you add a lot of Fabuloso to your aquarium, the water level may increase. It is more probable that waste will be sucked up since you use less water while flushing.

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To help things along, you’re probably going to go for the plunger. Fabuloso’s drawbacks outweigh its advantages in terms of possible harm. Avoid using hacks and adhere to the tried-and-true way since this is the most effective.

When cleaning your toilet bowl, it’s best to have rubber gloves, an effective scrub brush on hand, and a disinfecting cleaner for the outside of the bowl. Hacking your way out of this employment is not an option.

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