How to change clan name in clash of clans


Defending your town from intruders and attacking other players are both parts of the experience in Clash of Clans. We’re sorry, but there isn’t a way to alter the clan name.

After you’ve found a clan, you can’t rename it. There is no way to change your clan’s name after it has been established. Keeping the name you choose when you form a clan is vital since you can’t modify it.

However, the Supercell Support staff will approve a name change in exceptional circumstances, such as those involving derogatory clan names or a group name that is the real name of a specific user.

You may, however, create a new clan with the name of your choice. To become a clan, these are the steps:

  • To start your own family, you’ll need to construct a clan castle. The clan castle’s building is no small feat. The clan’s castle will cost the equivalent of 40,000 dollars to construct.
  • Once you’ve amassed the necessary gold, go to your village’s clan castle and tap it. To begin rebuilding your clan’s castle, choose ‘Rebuild’ from the main menu.
  • Press “clan” or click the clan’s fortress. A pop-up window with two tabs will appear after that. “Join Clan” and “Create Clan” are the two options.
  • Select the option to “Create Clan” from the menu that appears. This tab has a lot of space, so fill it up.
  • You may then give your clan a unique name in the ‘Clan Name’ field. In the future, it’ll be simple to find your tribe thanks to this.

  • Select your Clan Symbol by clicking Browse next to the word ‘Symbol’.
  • In the “Description” box, describe your clan nicely. Provide information on how the gift will be handled.
  • Select “Anyone may join” as the “Clan Type” option; however, you have the option of selecting another option if you want.
  • Choose the required number of prize awards if the “Minimum number of trophies” is selected.
  • On the “War Frequency” tab, you may adjust the clan’s battle frequency to your liking.
  • By pressing browser,’ you may enter your clan’s address in the Clan’s Location’ field.
  • Be aware that these settings may vary based on the kind of device and the version of the game.
  • Finally, touch on “40,000 gold”, and your clan is created.

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