Announce an Employee Training Session

It is necessary to write a letter announcing staff training when the organization plans to do so. Employee issues are addressed in this letter, which is often prepared by the company’s responsibility for handling them.

Workers, a group of workers, or the whole workforce are all addressed in this letter. An official announcement of upcoming training is sent out through a letter to all affected workers.

It is critical to provide a summary of what the training is about, its objective, and how it will benefit the participants. The personnel is also given guidance if specific instructions need to be followed.

Writing an announcement of staff training announcement letter:

  • Include the date, time, and location of the training session.
  • Do not ramble; keep it brief and to the point.
  • Briefly explain the training’s aim.
  • Describe some of the advantages of the training. Highlight items that will be covered in the course.
  • Specify whether or not the training is required or who the intended audience is.
  • Have included a copy of the software if you like.
  • Don’t use colloquial language; sound educated.

Template for Announce an Employee Training Session 

What are you doing to ensure that your employees are well-trained? Check out the letter to announce an employee training template and example letters that will help you construct a complete training announcement.




Date (date on which letter is written)





Dear _________________,

I wish to inform you that there will be a training for ____________ scheduled to take place in ____________ on ____________ ( date) and ____________ (time). This training aims at training people on the company’ telephone systems. The consult telephone provider will give the training in small groups which will be  later dissolve into other bigger groups. This training will help ____________ (target group) to handle the required tasks effectively and efficiently.

This training is mandatory for all employees in the department of ____________. If you wish to be excluded from the training, please do so in writing and submit to the human resource manager by the latest ____________. We believe that this training is a good start for the company to revolutionize the use of new telephone systems.

I herewith attach a copy of the program and other details for reference. Kindly come with the writing materials on the day of the training. Please come and learn new things that will be helpful to you and the company at large.

I look forward to seeing you at the training and hoping you will enjoy it.

Yours Sincerely,



Sample for Announce an Employee Training Session 

An employee’s professional and personal abilities may be honed via training programs. The following is an example of an employee training announcement letter that you may modify to meet your specific requirements:


Kelvin Doe,

The Employees Coordinator,

Genius Limited

1083 Webster Street

East Dover, New Jersey 08753

United States

Date:____________ (Date on which letter is written)


All employees,

Genius Limited

1083 Webster Street

East Dover, New Jersey 08753

United States

Sub; Announcement for employee training

Dear Colleagues,

I wish to bring to your attention that firefighting training has been scheduled for all employees at Dune Limited on 4th March 2020. This training is mandatory for all employees. It will take place in the conference room from 9 am to noon.

It has come to our attention that most employees are not aware of the fire exits, location of fire points, how to respond to fire outbreaks, and operating firefighting equipment. This training aims at teaching the basic skills of responding to fire disasters and operating the equipment. At the end of the training, there will be a short tour to identify fire points and emergency exits.

Kindly carry a note pad and pen to the training room. I hope that this will be a beneficial session for all of you. Please ensure that you are present for this training. Find the enclosed copy of the program.

Yours faithfully,


Kelvin Doe

Email Format for Announce an Employee Training Session 

A company or organization may request that all or some of its personnel engage in training. Take a look at our free email to announce an employee training for reference.

Dear Mr. John,

I wish to inform you of the training for all the employees in the IT department. The training is scheduled for 30th February in the boardroom at 11 am. It is a request that all the employees in the IT department attend this training.

In partnership with our business partner, we have organized this training to improve your technical skills in cloud data storage. Since it is the company’s goal to start backing up all its data in the cloud. We wish to have competent and skilled workers to work on this.  Ensure to carry writing material to the training session.

The training aims at looking into the following

- Storage of data in the cloud
- Ensuring the safety of data
- Configuring the web server
- Retrieving information from the cloud
If you require more information on the schedule, kindly see the program attached herewith. We are grateful and highly appreciate your contributions to the success of this company. Your presence is highly valuable. Please contact me through email if you will not participate in the training.

I hope that you will enjoy this educative training.

Best Wishes,

Sunita Murthy

Human Resource Manager

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Employee training announcement letters are sent to inform workers of a planned training event and their responsibilities. The tone of this letter should be respectful and professional.

It should include all of the pertinent information about the training, such as its goal, audience, intended outcomes, and some of the key concepts that will be covered. Such a letter should be sent out in plenty of time for review.

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