Why is my Samsung Remote blinking red?


The Samsung Remote’s status indicator is always flashing red. If this happens, it’s a sign that your TV and remote are no longer linked.

There is a possibility that a youngster or someone who was sitting on the remote accidentally pressed the button for too long, causing the remote to revert to factory settings.

If you discover that the remote works just a few inches away, it is either a hint that you need to remove and repair your remote or that you need to replace it.

After resetting your remote, you’ll be ready to go!

  • After that, it’s time to take the batteries out.
  • For at least five seconds, press and hold the power switch.
  • Now that you’ve released the button go ahead and reinstall your batteries.
  • At the same moment as pressing Power/Pause, also press Back.
  • Until you see the message “Pairing Complete” indicating that the remote has been properly connected, your TV will continue connecting to the Smart Remote.

The varied hues of light that appear on the remote control indicate different functions.

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  • On the remote’s left-hand top side, there’s a little LED.
  • Colors of Blue, Green, and Red light up when activated.
  • When you press a key on your remote, it should emit green light.
  • When the remote’s blue light blinks three times, it’s been relocated or roused from its slumber state and is now available for operation.
  • Either the signal is too weak, or your television isn’t operating if the blue light is frequently flashing.
  • Red flashes on your remote sign that the battery is low or that you must connect it to your TV in the way outlined in the preceding paragraph to use it.
  • Batteries are no longer functional once they stop blinking.

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Fluorescent Lights

Turn off any lights above the television, whether fluorescents or anything else. The signal from the remote may be interfered with by some fluorescent or LED lamps, resulting in malfunctions.

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