Why can’t you wear makeup during surgery?


Wearing cosmetics in the operating room is not advised for a few different reasons. Understandably, you want to put your best face forward when meeting with doctors and nurses, but putting on extra layers of makeup isn’t the best idea.

Under anesthesia, there is no blink reflex, which increases the risk of eye damage (I had no idea!). Therefore, wearing mascara to your operation, for example, could cause injury to your eyes due to microscopic particles of mascara.

Some things can easily catch fire. Some cosmetics (and hair products) can be flammable, therefore you shouldn’t wear them if you’re having an in-office operation.

Therefore, it stands to reason that one should not don such garments before undergoing surgery. They would rather not have you on fire while they are treating you.

Similar to other cosmetics, the foundation can mask your skin’s true color. However, your surgeon needs to get a clear view of your face before the procedure. However, they can’t determine for sure if you’re using cosmetics. So, make sure you arrive with fresh skin!

You could reasonably infer that it’s best to go into the surgery without applying any cosmetics, including nail paint. It’s not worth the potential consequences. Doctors and nurses will tell you not to wear makeup if at all possible during any invasive medical procedures.

To take their suggestion, try donning some Eau Naturelle. It may seem uncomfortable, but as I mentioned before, generating trouble by having to avoid wearing makeup because of complications is not a good plan.

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Makeup is not permitted in the hospital. The body loses its ability to blink while under anesthesia. Therefore, bits of makeup (particularly mascara) might irritate the eyes. Cosmetics, hair care products, and nail polish all pose risks and should be avoided before, during, and after surgery.

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