What Do Giraffes Eat? 37 Things To Know About What Giraffes Eat


The giraffe is the tallest living mammal species. They have a unique ability to access vegetation that is out of reach for other herbivores.

The quick building of blood pressure is partially counteracted by the exceptionally elastic blood vessels and specifically specialized valves in a giraffe’s body when its head is lifted, lowered, or swung swiftly (to avoid fainting).

Their horns are skin-covered knobs located above the eyes, and they protect the head from harm. They have seven vertebrae in their necks as we do, but their bones are extremely stretched out, giving them a neck length of 2.4 meters.

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What Giraffes Eat: 37 Facts You Need to Know

1. Do pregnant giraffes eat? 1 Do giraffes eat before giving birth?

Because giving birth takes a lot of energy, giraffes do eat before they have their babies.

2. Do giraffes eat fruit?

Since they are herbivores and fruits are high in nutrients, you bet they consume them.

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3. Is hay something giraffes eat?

Sure, hay is a staple of a giraffe’s diet.

4. To what extent do giraffes digest their placentas?

Young giraffes consume their placentas before they leave the nest.

5. How often do young giraffes eat?

Young giraffes have ravenous appetites, therefore they need to eat frequently.

6. And finally, number six: what do giraffes in the zoo eat?

Zoo giraffes get their nutrition from a variety of sources, including acacia leaves strung from artificial trees, hay, carrots, and low-starch, high-fiber biscuits.

7. what do giraffes graze on in the open plains?

Giraffes like Napier and Elephant grass when foraging in the Grasslands. Acacia is a common food source for them there as well.

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8. To number eight, what do giraffes eat for fun?

Among their favorite foods is the foliage of the acacia tree.

9. Nine. In the savanna, what preys on giraffes?

In the savanna, leopards and hyenas are the most common predators of giraffes.

10. What sort of tree does a giraffe like for its diet?

Acacia, apricot, and mimosa trees are the traditional fare for giraffes.

11. African trees that giraffes eat?

The giraffe’s diet consists primarily of African trees including the baobab, candelabra, and whistling thorn.

12. What twelve-legged beasts devour giraffes?

Animals such as lions, leopards, and hyenas prey on giraffes in the wild.

13. To what extent, if at all, do giraffes enjoy chocolate?

Despite popular belief, giraffes don’t like chocolate because the sweet treat isn’t native to their habitat.

14. Are giraffes carnivores?

Since they are strictly herbivores, giraffes don’t eat any kind of meat.

15. Does anyone know if giraffes eat acacias?

Giraffes do eat acacia trees; in fact, they’re one of the animals’ most-favored foods.

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16. What about apples? 16 Do giraffes eat them?

Apples are a good source of nutrition for giraffes, thus they do eat them.

17. Can a giraffe be fed a bird?

Since giraffes are herbivores, they do not consume birds as a normal part of their diet.

18. Can a giraffe digest a carrot?

Carrots provide many of the vitamins and minerals that giraffes need, so the answer is yes.

19. Can eucalyptus leaves are safely consumed by a giraffe?

Eucalyptus leaves are toxic to giraffes and should not be consumed under any circumstances.

20. Do giraffes eat leaves?

Yes, giraffes do consume leaves, specifically those of the acacia tree.

21. Do giraffes eat meat?

A giraffe’s diet consists solely of plant matter; they are not known to be carnivorous.

22. Are newborn giraffes at risk of being eaten?

To dispel any fears, giraffes are not cannibals and will not devour their young.

23. Do African tribes ever eat giraffes?

Indeed, giraffes are a popular target for African tribes’ hunting and dining during the dry season.

24. How do giraffes manage to chew their food so effectively?

Because of this, giraffes have evolved to grow taller so they can reach the leaves on the uppermost branches of trees.

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25. what do newborn giraffes eat?

About six months are needed for a newborn giraffe to reach the plants. Until then, she would gather vegetation for the infant.

26. What method do giraffes use to eat?

Due to a lack of upper front teeth, giraffes use a dental pad, a lump of strong tissue, against which their lower incisors crush food.

27. How many calories does a giraffe consume daily?

Feeding is the primary activity of giraffes, who can consume up to 34 kilograms (75 pounds) of food a day.

28. Can you name some potential giraffe eaters?

Some predators can eat giraffes, such as lions, hyenas, and leopards.

29. What do African giraffes eat?

African giraffes get the majority of their nutrition from the leaves and buds of trees and bushes.

30. What do captive giraffes eat?

Captive giraffes are provided with a variety of plant materials, including leaves, fruits, hay, and vegetables, in addition to pellets manufactured specifically for giraffes.

31. What do wild giraffes eat?

Flowers, twigs, and leaves from trees and shrubs make up the bulk of a giraffe’s diet in the wild.

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32. What do young giraffes consume at age 32?

Young giraffes spend the first four to six months of their lives nursed by their mothers.

33. What do reticulated giraffes eat?

The Reticulated Giraffe mostly eats the leaves and fruit of the Acacia and Combretum trees, although it will eat as many as one hundred different plant species per day.

34. What kind of fruit do giraffes eat?

A giraffe’s diet can include anything from apples to watermelons.

35. Which vegetation do giraffes eat?

The three most prevalent trees that giraffes eat are acacia, mimosa, and wild apricot. As far as tree species go, the acacia tree is the most well-known contributor to a giraffe’s diet.

36. What do giraffes consume, and where do they live?

Savannas in sub-Saharan Africa are where you’re most likely to spot a giraffe. They subsist mostly on tree leaves and young shoots.

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37. Why do giraffes eat leaves?

As herbivores, giraffes depend heavily on leaves for sustenance.


While they may be able to feed for up to 20 hours each day, a giraffe’s stomach can only hold roughly 30 kilograms (about 60 pounds) of vegetation. This two-ton animal needs only about 15 pounds (7 kilos) of vegetation per day to stay alive.

Although up to 93 different plant species have been documented in these browsers’ diets, acacia trees have been determined to be their favorite food source.

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