What Do Desert Lizards Eat?


How desert lizards eat depends on the species of lizard they are. A few examples of the many species of desert lizards are the chuckwalla, horned lizard, and iguana.

Different species of desert lizards have evolved to specialize as either omnivores or herbivores. So, what exactly do lizards in the desert munch on? We’ll learn about the desert dwellers’ diet as we examine the foods they eat every day.


Desert lizards must eat whatever they can find to keep themselves alive in the extreme heat and arid environment. Every kind of reptile and animal may thrive in the desert because of the abundance of food.

This is why desert lizards hunt by moving around from place to place. However, desert lizards eat a wide variety of insects, including ants, scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders.

They can make it through the dry environment thanks to these insectivorous goodies. Many herbivorous desert lizards eat this on occasion. However, some desert lizards, like horned lizards, rely on these insects as a main source of nutrition.

Produce, Flora, and Fauna

Desert lizards can regulate their body temperature by hiding and coming out at appropriate times for hunting. Lizards found in arid environments typically subsist primarily on a diet of various plant life.

When desert lizards can’t find their prey, they’ll eat the vegetation instead. Particularly relevant are the herbivorous desert lizards, whose diet consists entirely of plants.

However, desert lizards will consume things like grass, fruit, leaves, flowers, greens, and vegetables. Do you know that desert lizards get water from the plants they eat? To be clear, this is a fact.

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In the desert, what don’t lizards eat?

The desert lizard has predators just like any other animal in the animal realm. Because of this, desert lizards don’t prey on raptors, owls, snakes, or any other reptiles that might be poisonous.

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