What Do Beluga Whales Eat? Diet & Eating Habits


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Beluga whales eat what?

Carnivores, such as beluga whales are known to eat meat. In and out of the water, belugas have superb eyesight.

Among the many items that beluga whales consume are various kinds of octopuses, salmon, squid, eulachons (a kind of clam), crabs, shrimp, and clams (a type of snail), among others. These critters also eat salmon, eulachon, cod, herring, smelt, and flatfish. Krill is another source of food for them.

There is nothing more social than a beluga whale. They return to their birthplaces every summer to eat and give birth to calves. As few as one or two whales may form a single group, while others may number in the hundreds.

In contrast to certain killer whales, who tend to retain strong relationships within their maternal-led pods, members of these populations migrate between groups.

It is because of the range of noises. Belugas produce that they have been termed the “canaries of the sea.” These include a whistle, scream, moo, chirp, and clicks.

They use their hearing and echolocation abilities to explore and hunt for prey. In addition to having outstanding underwater eyesight, belugas also have exceptional vision when on land.

In addition to octopus, squid, and crab, Beluga whales also hunt on crabs, shrimp; clams; snails; and sandworms. Beluga whales also consume salmon, eulachon, cod herring smelt, flatfish, and other types of fish.

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Insects and other Animals

In addition to octopus and salmon, the Beluga whales consume eulachon, eulachon larvae, eulachon larvae, squid, clams, sandworms, and krill. They do not, however, consume as much food as other whales. Invertebrates, such as octopus, shrimp, crabs, sea snails, and squid, are also often eaten by belugas.

Visiting a cold-water fish market is the best way to get everything you need for an authentic beluga whale feast. According to where it lives and what time of year it is, the diet of a beluga may vary greatly.

Invertebrates, including shrimp, squid, octopus, clams, and sea snails, are also common parts of a typical diet as fish like cod, halibut, and Pacific salmon. In groups, belugas herd fish to shallower shoals on the ocean bottom or the ocean floor.

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What beluga whales don’t eat?

As a carnivore, Beluga whales exclusively consume meat. They don’t eat penguins, seals, plants, plankton, seagulls, sharks, polar bears, or bears. However, they are known to prey on beluga whales.

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