What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone

Is there somebody you recently saw in a dream? What about someone you know? What about someone you’ve never met before? Whatever the case, it may have been a terrific or a terrible experience for you! Regardless of what it was, there’s a hidden message that you need to know. It’s not unusual to dream … Read more

Dream About One

A number or a specific sequence of digits can have a variety of meanings depending on what is going on in a person’s life when they are dreaming about it. There are numerous translations of numbers in various dream books and diaries, but the most important thing to remember when dreaming about numbers is how … Read more

Dream About Baby Boy

When a doctor says, “It’s a boy,” it sends a wave of emotions through a person. The birth of a son fills a family with joy and pride. But what if you find yourself in a dream with a newborn boy? Wouldn’t its adorable voice be distracting if it tried to say something? Pregnant women … Read more

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