Sell Tools For Cash Near Me: 24 Places To Sell Power Tools


It’s never too late to sell your old tools for cash. You may have power tools sitting around your home gathering dust, but you can sell them for money. You may be paid in cash for your gear from various reputable businesses. Here, I’ll provide you with a list of firms to purchase your tools.

Where in My Area Can I Get Paid to Sell My Tools?

Below are some of the greatest locations where you can sell your tools and get money back.

1. PayMore 

There is no doubt that PayMore is one of the largest tool purchasers in the United States. They’ll purchase all of your basic and essential equipment. You can do it all with PayMore. It’s not uncommon for them to purchase and sell power tools. PayMore intends to purchase the following:

Kinds of Tools They Buy

  • Cordless Power Tools
  • Heavy Duty Power Tools
  • Electrician Tools
  • Automotive Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Networking Tools

Brands They Work With

  • Hilti
  • Fein
  • Klein
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Snap-On

PayMore makes it easy to sell your tools for cash. They’ll pay you immediately for your old equipment. New York & North Carolina are PayMore’s two sites. Sell your power equipment with PayMore and be paid right now!

2. Cash In A Flash

Cash in a Flash is a New Jersey firm that buys and sells tools for cash. They pay you in cash right there and then. Cash may be exchanged for the following:

  • Drills
  • Generators
  • Chop Saws
  • Cutt Off Saws
  • Nail Guns
  • Makita
  • Stihl
  • DeWalt

Tools aren’t the only things you can purchase with Cash In A Flash. In addition to selling gadgets, you may also sell jewelry and other items. If you’re unsure where to sell tools for money in NJ, give Cash In A Flash ago.

3. Rocky’s Spawn Shop

With Rocky’s Pawn Shop, you may sell your tools for cash online. They will purchase brands like Rigid, Makita, and Dewalt. Air tools, grinders, jackhammers, compressors, buffers, and more may all be sold.

You may sell your mechanical and hand tools for the money. The state of the tools will determine the price you get for your used tools.

4. Swap For Cash 

Is selling your tools something you’d want to do? Pawn business Swap For Cash is situated in New Jersey. A local, family-owned company is what they are. Your power equipment may be exchanged for quick cash right now. Power tools, such as saws, drills, generators, and more, maybe sold on your website.

5. Empire Loan

Empire Loan may help you save a lot of money on your power equipment. Toss out the things you no longer use. In addition to drills and circular saws, Empire Loan also buys compressors and more. Get cash for Porter Cable, DeWalt, Makita, and other equipment brands.

You may also offer them your tools in exchange for money. So, you’re under no obligation to part with them if you don’t choose to.

6. PawnZone

PawnZone is a great place to sell your valuables for a fast payday. It’s possible to sell various items, including tools, electronics, musical instruments, and even luxury handbags.

Your tools and things for sale must be appraised before getting started. Your instruments will then be appraised, and you will know their market value.

7. Lambert Pawn

Where to sell your old tools? It’s possible to obtain quick cash for your equipment at Lambert Pawnshop. The more popular the power tools, the more money you may anticipate making. If you’re in California and want to get cash for your equipment, try going to Lambert Pawn.

8. Cash N’ Go Pawn 

Cash N Go Pawn is a convenient way to sell your equipment and earn cash immediately. Power tools, such as drills and compressors, may be sold together with various other items, including wrench sets and air tools.

The purchase procedure at Cash N Go Pawn is simple. Get paid now if you bring in our tools for assessment.

9. Meriden Pawn

With Meriden Pawn, one of the top locations to sell power tools in Connecticut, you may earn extra money for your gear. This firm prefers Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Ryobi, and other high-end brands. Meriden Pawn will pay you cash for the tools you Pawn.

10. Vintage Cash Cow

With Vintage Cash Cow, you can sell your tools and cash in the United Kingdom. Inquire about their interest in your antique tools, musical instruments, and other equipment. Your possessions are worth a lot of money. They’ll make you a cash deal if you send them to Vintage Cash Cow.

11. First Cash

With First Cash, you may generate money quickly by selling the tools you no longer use. If you have valuable tools, they’ll purchase them from you, no doubt.

Everything from tools and jewelry to video games and gadgets may be sold on your website. Take advantage of First Cash’s trade-in program now!

12. Fast Cash Pawn

13. PawnPlus

There are multiple PawnPlus stores across Pennsylvania and Ohio. They’ll purchase your old tools and pay you right away. PawnPlus accepts a wide range of items for sale. Phones, tools, gadgets, appliances, jewelry, and more may be sold at your location.

14. Kendale Pawn Shop

It doesn’t matter what you have to offer; Kendale will purchase it. You may either pawn or sell your things to them. You’ll be able to earn more money than your rivals.

In addition to drills, circular saws, and hand tools, Kendale will also purchase your specialized equipment from you. All kinds of tools may be sold to Kendale Pawn Shop.

15. Fast Cash Pawn

Do you need quick money for the tools you use? You can rely on Fast Cash Pawn for the money you need. Power tools, sports equipment, cameras, antiques, and more may be sold during a garage sale. Your things will be sold quickly and for a good price.

16. EZ Cash Buy Sell Trade

As of now, EZ Cash Buy Sell Trade is still in operation, having been established in 2013. They are not just a pawn store, so keep that in mind.

They are involved in the buying, selling, and trading of goods. EZ Cash Buy Sell Trade essentially achieves this. They purchase tools, weapons, coins, gift cards, DVDs, jewelry, etc.

17. Fort Knox Jewelry & Loan

It’s possible to transform your tools into cash with Fort Knox Jewelry and Loan. Get instant cash for your unwanted stuff by bringing it into the shop and selling it. You may offer a wide range of products for sale, including TVs, video games, laptops, cameras, and other equipment.

18. Dash 2 Cash

Dash 2 Cash is a Columbus, Ohio, pawn store that serves the whole city. They promise that you will receive more money for your stuff than you would at other pawn shops in your area.

Dash 2 Cash may be used to purchase or sell tools. You may also offer gift cards and gadgets in addition to tools. Dash 2 Cash is a good option if you want to sell your tools for the money.

19. Cash Exchange Pawnshop

Do you no longer use your tools? Old tools may be sold for cash if that is the case. Sell your tools to the Cash Exchange Pawnshop for immediate cash. You are welcome to visit any of their sites throughout Michigan.

20. Cash America Pawn

Power tools & lawn equipment may be sold for top dollar at Cash America Pawn. Your equipment and other possessions have a monetary value, and you should be compensated for them. You can also use electronics if you have them. Cash America Pawn is a great place to get started!

21. Quick Cash Trading Post

Quick Cash Trading Post in Levittown, Pennsylvania, is a great place to get cash for your old tools and equipment. Besides gold, they also take in musical instruments, jewelry, and other precious metals. It is possible to get immediate payment for your goods. Check out the Quick Cash Trading Post right now.

22. The Pawn Outlet

Find firms that purchase tools here! When selling your old tools, you can always count on the Pawn Outlet. They’ll shop around for other brands of equipment. The Pawn Outlet buys everything, from little hand tools to large industrial machines.

The sale of tools is an easy operation. Just bring your tools to all of them and depart with money in your pocket. Consider selling your equipment to The Paw Outlet if you’re in the market for a buyer.

23. King’s Pawn

King’s Pawn is the place to go if you need immediate cash for your old goods and equipment. Visit their shop, and they’ll assess your equipment and make you a cash offer there and then. Your old equipment may be exchanged for cash the same day.

Name-brand tools are of particular relevance to King’s Pawn. It’s possible to make money by selling heavy equipment, construction equipment, and other types of hand and power tools.

King’s Pawn buys items that include electronics, bicycles, musical instruments, and more. Every effort must be made to get more funds when the need arises.

As a result, you should not throw away those tools you no longer use. It doesn’t matter if they’re in bad shape; they’re still valuable. Selling your tools to King’s Pawn is a great way to make immediate cash!

24. Craigslist

If you’re looking to get rid of your unwanted gear, Craigslist is the place to go. It’s completely free to sell your wares on the internet. Soon enough, you’ll be contacted by those who are interested. Craigslist is a great option if you need to quickly get rid of your equipment.

Craigslist is a one-stop shop for all your e-commerce needs. Millions of individuals use Craigslist to purchase and sell goods. Craigslist is a great place to sell your old power equipment, so check it out right now.

What can I pawn for fast money?

Everything of worth may be pawned if you need cash. Invaluable things attract the attention of pawnshops. Sell something valuable in your home to get some fast cash. You probably have something valuable in your home.

You may recoup some of your initial investment if you decide to sell your old equipment. You may sell your television, iPad, iPhone, wristwatch, speakers, musical instruments, etc.

Your jewels and equipment are also acceptable collateral. There is no limit to what you may pawn for money. Every day, pawnbrokers receive a wide variety of things entrusted to their care.

To earn fast money, you may pawn anything of value that you own. Because even if the product isn’t flawless, it can still be sold for money. Visit a pawn shop in your area right away.

The greatest location to sell your secondhand tools is on Craigslist.

If you have unwanted tools, you may post them on Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place to find various items for sale. Because of this, selling your tools on the site will not be a problem at all. Pawnshops are another option for getting quick cash for your gear.

To pawn, what are the finest things to use?

Drill sets and power equipment are excellent pawn items. Power tools get a higher price at pawnshops. For this reason, if you own certain tools, you may want to think about selling them.

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What’s the going rate for tools?

The amount of money you may get for your tools depends on their condition. You may expect to get anywhere from $25 to $150 on average when selling your gear. It all comes down to what you’re using. Some tools are more valuable than others.

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The vast majority of individuals own tools that they never use or need. A simple strategy to get some fast cash is to get rid of those tools. This article’s pawn shops are a good place to sell your tools.

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