30 Places To Sell Used Furniture Online (Locally)


Furniture is a common household item that we replace on a regular basis. Most of the time, this is due to a change in our family’s needs or our decorating styles.

Often, the furniture you’re replacing is still in good condition. And selling it can be a simple way to make a small amount of money.

You are not required to take your old furniture to the dump. Selling it, on the other hand, may require less effort. You can also earn enough money to cover the cost of new furniture.

If restoring furniture is a hobby, you can make money selling it too. As you will see, there are many areas to sell furniture online. Here are some of the most effective methods for selling furniture.

30 Online Marketplaces for Selling Used Furniture (Locally)

1. Craigslist
2. OfferUp
3. Facebook
4. Antique Stores
5. Consignment Stores
6. Used Furniture Stores
7. Have a Garage Sale
8. Have an Estate Sale
9. eBay
10. Sell.com
11. Etsy
12. Shopify
13. Chairish
14. Viyet
15. AptDeco
16. 1stdibs
17. Apartment Therapy Bazaar
18. Route 66 Furniture
19. Oodle
20. Wertz Brothers
21. Local Newspaper
22. Recycler
23. Bonanza
24. Pinterest
25. eBid
26. Bookoo
27. Ruby Lane
28. AZ Office Liquidators & Designs
29. Furniture Finders
30. Remoov

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is an excellent place to begin selling furniture online. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most popular online classified sites. Listings are completely free and take only a few minutes to complete.

Include photos to pique people’s interest in your piece(s). Don’t forget to include a complete explanation. Buyers are fascinated by details, especially when making a large purchase.

You can sell furniture from the comfort of your own home. Or perhaps you’re purchasing a rental property that requires furniture remodel. You can sell on Craigslist in either case.

You should also consider these Craigslist alternatives in addition to Craigslist.

2. OfferUp

OfferUp bills itself as the “quickest and easiest way to buy and sell locally.” It is a completely free online classifieds app. You can post images and a summary from your phone in minutes.

Buyers have the alternative to counter-offer a price. As a result, the name Offer Up was coined. In-app chat allows you to communicate with the buyer. And then you meet with the buyer to finalize the transaction.

Buyers will see the most relevant results, and they can also search for keywords.

3. eBay

You have two options when it comes to selling used furniture on eBay. To begin, you can auction off items. Second, you can set a fixed price for the sale.

A local pickup is an option for bulky items that are too expensive to ship. Smaller items can be shipped and still profited from.

And eBay makes it simple for buyers to shop for furniture. Buyers can find accurate results by clicking on visual examples.

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about buyers having to match the accurate keyword. On eBay, you can sell both new and used furniture.

When you make a sale, eBay will keep 13% of the selling price.

4. Sell.com

Sell.com is another online marketplace that has been around since 1999. Sell.com allows you to create local furniture listings with ads starting at $1.

Sell.com also makes it simple to sell elsewhere on the internet. You can list your items on the following websites:

(b)Google Products
(c)Big Commerce

You can attain multiple audiences with a single listing.

5. Etsy

You probably think of arts and crafts when you hear the word Etsy. However, you can also mention furniture and home decor items.

Antique and vintage items can be sold. You can also sell handcrafted furniture and accessories such as pull handles. You can also offer to ship to the buyer.

This isn’t the place to look for an Ikea collection if you’re looking for a home. However, furniture ranges in price from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000.

Antiques in pristine condition can fetch top dollar.

Etsy’s seller fees are slightly lower when compared to other online marketplaces. Expect to pay a selling fee of 6.5 percent.

6. Shopify

Shopify is a great place to start if you want to start your own business and website. You can start an online storefront in minutes using their pre-made templates.

Online shopping carts are also available from Shopify. They also handle payment processing.

If you intend to sell in-person, Shopify also provides mobile card readers. When selling at craft fairs, you can now accept both plastic and cash payments.

They also offer customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Shopify offers free stock photos to help you improve your website.

You can also use their analytics tools. These tools save information about your marketing campaigns. Also, what kinds of customers visit your online store?

7. Chairish

Chairish is a rising site for selling vintage furniture to affluent clients. In fact, Chairish is a popular iPhone decorating app.

You can sell art and outdoor furniture in addition to furniture. Every day, hundreds of new items are posted from all over the country.

Chairish retains 30% of the sale price. However, if you sell 10 or more items, you can decrease their take to 20%. Most of the time, the buyer will pick up the product from you.

If the furniture requires shipping, Chairish will work with the buyer to arrange it. Buyers can be contacted via the Chairish dashboard, e-mail, or phone.

8. Viyet

Viyet is an online consignment store that sells the most expensive items. A buyer will come to your home to photograph and price your items.

Furniture has the lowest possible retail price of $1,000. And lighting costs at least $500. Accessories must sell for at least $100 if you have them.

All products must be new or in good condition and must be of a designer brand. You can also sell restored items that are in good condition.

Viyet lists your furniture on their website after evaluating it. They also send out a social media and email blast. They make an effort to match your items with appropriate buyers.

Offers can also be submitted by buyers. Don’t worry; if the price is too low, you can reject the offer.

When a piece sells, Viyet handles the shipping. One disadvantage is that you only keep 60% of the selling price. However, this is a straightforward method of selling upscale furniture.

9. AptDeco

AptDeco allows residents of New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut to sell furniture, lighting, and rugs.

Products are free to list, and the selling fee is 38% for items selling for less than $1,999. For sales over $2,000, the free offer is reduced to 33%. Buyers receive free shipping once an item sells.

AptDeco has assisted in the sale of over 25,000 items to date. AptDeco accepts any brand or product for sale. The only requirement is that the furniture be in great condition.

And it makes no difference how old the piece is. So you’ll be able to sell that Ashley Furniture piece from last year.

AptDeco figures may convince you to sell on their website. To begin, 85 percent of sales are completed without the need for a home visit. Second, the average time to sell is ten days.

Finally, AptDeco’s purchase protection insurance is included with all orders. As a result, selling on AptDeco may be less of a hassle than selling on Craigslist.

10. 1stdibs

You can sell antique, vintage, and modern furniture designs on 1stdibs. This marketplace is also open to international buyers and sellers.

Notably, 1stdibs is run by a group of high-end designers in Paris. They are now regarded as one of the best online antique marketplaces.

If you are a designer living in New York City, you should look into this website. In New York, there is a showroom with 54 designers on display.

To start selling on 1stdibs, you must first fill out a dealer application. You sell on the global market after receiving approval. And 1stdibs organizes and guarantees the shipping of your items.

In addition, your account manager will assist you in becoming a successful 1stdibs merchant.

11. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Apartment Therapy Baazar enables you to sell modern and mid-century furniture. New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles are the largest markets.  However, you can sell almost anywhere.

The listing is free, but you can increase it for a small fee of $1 per listing. Additionally, you can import your Etsy listings into Apartment Therapy.

In comparison to other online furniture marketplaces, your selling fees are extremely low. There is a 3% transaction fee, as well as a 2.9 percent plus $0.30 payment processing fee.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar exudes a personal touch. You create a seller profile that includes an image of yourself. Items can be listed online or with the iPhone app.

Once a product is listed, it can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

You have the option of requiring in-person pickup. Local delivery or ship-to-destination are also options. You can also ship to international customers!

12. Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture is a great place to get your Route 66 fix. This is used furniture buy and sell resale shop online.

To begin, you photograph the items you wish to sell. The information is then emailed to Route 66.

Route 66 will contact you within one business day. They may work with you to arrange a pickup time.

The items are then delivered to Route 66’s warehouse. When the item sells, you receive 50% of the profits.

If your products do not sell within 30 days, Route 66 reserves the right to reduce the price. They may cut the price in half to make a sale.

Any unsold items are removed from the site after 60 days. Then you have the option of picking up the items. You can also pay to have them returned to you. You can also ask for the items to be relisted.

13. Oodle

Another online classified site is Oodle. You are welcome to list for free. And you get to set up a meeting with the buyer to finalize the transaction.

Buyers are shown the listings that are closest to their present location. To be clear, this is a more compact website.

If you do not live in one of the featured cities, you may have difficulty selling your home. But it can’t hurt to try.

14. Wertz Brothers

Wertz Brothers accepts used furniture from Los Angeles residents. Consignment sales are not permitted. As a result, you receive an instant check payment or store credit.

You can begin by sending pictures and information to Wertz Brothers. It is even possible to sell an entire house’s worth of furniture. On weekdays, they provide pickup service.

15. Local Newspaper

Local newspaper circulation may not be increasing these days. There is, however, a consistent audience of readers who shop locally.

If you are unaware, many newspapers provide free print and online advertising. However, you may be forced to sell items at a loss. For example, in order to get a free listing, you may have to sell it for $50 or less.

For high-value items, you can also pay to place a print ad. However, paid classified ads are prohibitively expensive.

You could pay $7.50 for three lines of text. This could, however, be a good way to sell antiques or like-new furniture.

16. Recycler

Recycler is, at its core, a classified newspaper service based in Los Angeles. They have been a national online classified marketplace since 2010.

Listing is completely free, and you can submit up to 25 listings per day. You can also share your furniture listings on social media too.

17. Bonanza

Bonanza is a top competitor to Amazon and eBay. They offer services in selling unique items from many niches.

On Bonanza, you can sell any type of furniture.

Bonanza, like Shopify, allows you to create an online storefront. As a result, a personal website is not required.

There are over 40,000 Bonanza locations. However, not every one of them sells furniture. Your Bonanza listings may appear on eBay and Etsy as well.

When you sign up for Bonanza, you will receive $100 in Google AdWords credit.

18. Pinterest

Don’t forget about the social media outlet Pinterest. You can make a list of the furniture you make. You can also sell from your own website. This is an excellent way to use social media to promote your brand for free.

Paying to enhance a pin can be worthwhile for high-value items.

Finally, keep in mind that you can pin your listings to other marketplaces. Take, for example, selling on Trove Market.

19. eBid

eBid is an eBay option available that was founded in 1999. It charges a very low commission fee of only 3%. There are also over 14,000 product listings.

You can list furniture at the sale or at a fixed price, just like on eBay. You can also request a local pickup.

You can also import products from Amazon and eBay. These small sites thrive because they can import items. It’s also simple to sell on multiple markets with a single original listing.

eBid also offers a lifetime membership for $99.98. Going the lifetime route lowers your long-term selling costs. You’ll even get a free t-shirt.

20. Bookoo

Bookoo is a family-friendly online site. It also functions as a mini social media platform. The majority of boards are set up for military bases in the United States. If you live near one, this site may be a great alternative.

The social media platform secures the selling process. Unlike Craigslist, where the buyer’s photo is not visible until the meetup.

Buyers and sellers can also post reviews on Bookoo. As a result, you can easily ignore bad buyers.

It is free to list on Bookoo. Buyers can also see the other items you have for sale in your profile.

In the social media section, you can also “friend” other Bookoo users. This is a nice idea because it will allow you to reach more buyers.

21. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a great place to sell vintage and antique furniture online.

Everything on Ruby Lane is high-end and sells for top dollar. To start selling on Ruby Lane, there is a $100 setup fee. This fee activates your online store.

In addition, if you list 50 or fewer items, you will be charged a monthly fee of $54. Finally, each product has a 19-cent listing fee and a 3.75 percent service fee based on the total amount of the Purchase Order.

Ruby Lane may be more expensive than other websites. As a result, if you’re a vendor, it could be a great choice. Consider it as well if you refinish antique or vintage furniture as a side business.

22. AZ Office Liquidators & Designs

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs accepts used office furniture. They will even accept trade-ins to help you upgrade your office.

Arizona Office collects used office furniture throughout the Phoenix metro area. If you can fill a truck, you can live anywhere in the United States.

Used files, desks, chairs, tables, cubicles, and lobby furniture can all be sold. Sell artwork and other fixtures as well.

They are willing to pay a premium for Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Submit an online quote to begin selling. You can also contact them by phone.

23. Furniture Finders

Furniture Finders can be used if there are ten or more matching units. However, it must be office furniture. Furniture Finders then collaborates with local dealers to provide a statement.

You can then proceed with the sale or look for another buyer. Make sure to include images in your submission. Otherwise, they will reject your quote right away.

24. Remoov

Remoov can pick up and sell your household goods if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Phoenix. You keep half of the proceeds from items that sell.

Remoov donates as many unsold items as possible so that you can potentially claim a tax deduction.

Items that cannot be rehomed are disposed of at a landfill. It is possible to earn a little extra money while also helping to protect our landfills.

25. Facebook

One of the best websites for selling items locally is Facebook Marketplace. The greatest feature is that it is completely free. You only need to list on the page of your local buy and sell group.

Facebook also has neighborhood and yard sale groups for selling furniture as part of a yard sale.

You can fill in the details of the goods you’re selling in these groups. To attract more customers, try emphasizing the feature pieces.

Perhaps you’d like to begin a furniture restoration business. If this is the case, you can use paid Facebook ads to sponsor listings.

Local buyers can also be attracted using Facebook ads.

The advertisements will appear on the Facebook wall in between all of the status updates. You can also target the ads to a specific geographic area.

You can also target a specific age and gender group.

26. Antique Stores

Another item that is frequently sold is valuable antiques. Visiting an antique store is the simplest way to sell your items.

It’s possible that you won’t get full retail value for the piece.

Remember that the store must also make a profit. However, it may be less of a hassle than selling to any buyer.

Look in your local Yellow Pages for antique stores near you. Alternatively, consult the Antiques.com database. More than 34,000 dealers can be found here!

27. Consignment Stores

A consignment store is another local option for selling items. This is another location where you can sell furniture as a side hustle.

You are paid when the item sells in these stores. The store then keeps a portion of the sale. This covers the cost of renting their floor space as well as transaction fees.

If you rent a space for several months, you may be required to pay a monthly rental fee.

28. Used Furniture Stores

You could also sell your old coffee table or end table to a used furniture store. The store may send an appraiser to your home to provide a quote.

If they agree to purchase the item, they may choose to pick it up themselves. Alternatively, the store may pay you more if you deliver it yourself.

Some furniture stores will give you store credit. You must purchase more furniture with store credit. However, it may be worth more than money. This is an excellent choice if you are purchasing a new piece from a store.

29. Have a Garage Sale

Garage sales can also be a quick and easy way to sell furniture. In this case, the buyer pays a visit to your home. You can also sell other products concurrently.

You could possibly sell clothing, used DVDs, and video games. Also, be prepared to bargain.

Regulars at garage sales seek the lowest possible price. And they aren’t afraid to go after your lowest bid. So, before the sale begins, set a firm price.

There are numerous methods for increasing the visibility of your garage sale listing. You can, for example, advertise on Craigslist.

You can also use your local newspaper or Facebook Yard Sale Groups.

30. Have an Estate Sale

Estate sales are a popular way to sell the deceased’s belongings. To begin, hire an appraiser to determine the value of each item. The items are then auctioned off or sold at a fixed price.

Estate sales can be a large undertaking based on the size of the collection. However, it may be more time-efficient than selling each item individually in your spare time.

You can publicize your estate sale both online and in print. You can also put up signs around town.

EstateSale.com is a third option. This website lists sales from over 6,700 different companies. If you still require an appraiser, you can find one on this website.

The majority of estate sale companies operate on a commission basis. In most cases, they retain 10% to 15% of the sale proceeds. As a result, you can keep the majority of the profit.

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