How To Connect AirPods When The Case Is Dead?


Instead of going into great detail, I like to begin with a basic response to eliminate the anticipation.

Yes, you can charge your AirPods even if your Case is dead, and you can even use other cases to charge your AirPods.

We’ve attempted to address some of the most frequently asked questions about AirPods in this post.

How to use various cases with Air Pods

According to Apple’s official site, the Case is only meant to charge one device at a time, so losing or breaking your Case should not be an issue. Connecting your AirPods to various causes is a straightforward process.

First, insert the AirPods into the Case and press and hold the Case’s reset button until it turns back on again. You connect your smartphone to the Case and sync your pods with the Case as a second step.

The cost of a protective case from the Apple store is reasonable. It was around $70 the last time I looked.

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What to do if the Case for your AirPods dies?

The second most often-asked issue is if AirPods may be used even if their Case is dead. However, if the AirPods themselves can be charged or if you’ve already connected or paired with the device, it’s feasible to connect them.

You can’t connect to new devices till your Case is charged if you just got a new one.

  • The home screen of your iPhone will appear after you’ve done this.
  • If possible, keep the pods in the Case and close them to the device.
  • Connect by pressing the connect button.
  • To make things even easier, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions as you go. To use Siri with your Airpods Pro, you’ll need to first enable it in your device’s settings.
  • A notification reading “DONE” will show at the end of the procedure.
  • If you have an iCloud account, AirPods will be immediately installed on the supported device.

Do AirPods still work if the Case breaks?

Using your AirPods is not affected if the Case fails. AirPods may be used without the necessity for a reason. However, you should be aware that the AirPods’ batteries will run out eventually. You’ll need to place them back in the Case to recharge them.

How do I reconnect AirPods to the charging case?

To connect your AirPods to the charging case, you’ll need to navigate your phone’s Settings menu. After that, go to Bluetooth and click on the information button next to AirPods to learn more about them. After that, all you have to do is click forget device.

How long does it take to charge a pair of dead AirPods?

AirPods don’t take a long time to charge, according to my experience. Your AirPods might take up to 30 minutes to completely charge. Even charging the Case itself might take a lengthy time. You won’t have to wait too long either way.

How long are AirPods expected to last?

AirPods have a lifespan of up to two years. It all depends on how you use and care for them. Avoid using your AirPods or the AirPod Pro if you don’t take adequate care of them.

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I don’t have a case for my Airpods; how can I charge them?

Without the Case, there is no way to charge your AirPod. Buying a replacement case for your AirPod is necessary if you lose yours.

Exactly how do I connect my AirPods to my phone?

It’s quite simple to connect your AirPods. Bluetooth must be switched on to connect your AirPods. Put the AirPods back into their Case and seal the cover next. Open the lid after you’re done.

The next step is to hold down the setup button on the back of the Case while pressing and holding it. When this happens, the status light will flash and become white. Using Bluetooth, you should now be able to view the AirPod on your Bluetooth devices.

Do I need to charge my Airpod case to use my AirPods?

There is no need to charge your AirPod case to use your AirPods. You may use your AirPods as long as they are charged and have power.

How can I restore my AirPods to their original settings?

For a 15-second factory reset, press and hold the setup button on your AirPods. Holding the button down should cause the status light to alternate between amber and white flashes. Finally, your AirPods have been successfully factory reset.

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If my AirPods won’t restart, what should I do?

Your AirPods may be broken or even filthy if they won’t reset. The Apple Store may be able to help you if you’ve tried everything else and nothing works. Furthermore, it’s probably cheaper to just get new ones.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with my AirPods and why they’re not connecting?
The status light on your AirPods will turn white when you restart them. The only way to fix this is to go into your Bluetooth settings and re-enable your AirPods.

Does overcharging the AirPods happen?

There is no way to overcharge your AirPods. The battery is completely charged when it reaches 100% of its capacity. Even if you still have it in the Case or plugged in, your AirPods will not be affected.

Is wireless charging possible for AirPods?

No, you cannot use your AirPods to charge wirelessly. You’ll need to put your AirPods in the case to charge them.

Is it possible to wash AirPods?

Do not expect to be able to submerge AirPods in water. You run the danger of irreparably harming them if you submerge them. So, if you plan on taking your AirPods for a swim or shower, keep this in mind.

How much battery do AirPods use?

AirPods may deplete your phone’s battery in a way. The battery life of your phone degrades over time when you utilize Bluetooth.

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Leaving AirPods charging overnight is perfectly OK?

Yes, you may leave your AirPods charging overnight if you choose.

My AirPod case is missing. Where can I look?

Using “Find My iPhone,” you can track down your misplaced AirPod case. Your associated gadgets will be readily visible to you. If the color is green, then your AirPods are in the vicinity.

Is it possible to reactivate your AirPods without the carrying case?

No, if you want to restore your AirPods to their factory settings, you’ll need the Case.

What can I do if my AirPods don’t work?

You may want to check the batteries if your AirPods don’t function. Aside from cleaning the AirPods, making sure they’re linked to your smartphone, and resetting them to factory defaults, you may need to do any of these things.

What happens if you reset your AirPods?

No, you won’t be able to monitor your AirPods when you reset them.

How many AirPods can you carry around?

Yes, if you want to, you can wear only one AirPod at a time. It will continue to function as before.

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Is it necessary to keep my AirPods in their carrying case?

To keep your AirPods safe, you can always place them in their case. When not in use, store your AirPods in their case so they can recharge.

What’s the best way to keep your AirPods looking like new again?

Using a moistened cloth, you may clean your AirPods. When cleaning your AirPods, use caution.

Is it safe to use AirPods 2 in the bathroom?

Showering or submerging your AirPods 2 is not recommended. You’ll probably wind up hurting them if you do this.

AirPods in the shower – is it possible?

Showering with your AirPods is an option for some. However, it is possible that they might be damaged or malfunction if they fall out and are submerged in water. The AirPods are not watertight.

What happens if the battery in my AirPods runs out?

When the AirPods are in a charging case, they will not lose battery. Instead, they will charge. Even while you’re not using your AirPods, the Bluetooth connection is still draining the battery, so they will ultimately burn out.

What’s up with my AirPod case wearing out so fast?

When the lithium-ion battery that powers your AirPod case dies, it’s probable because it isn’t as powerful as it previously was.

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Why do my AirPods only last 1 hour?

Because the battery life has dropped, your AirPods only last an hour instead of the full two hours they used to. Inevitably, lithium-ion batteries will ultimately fail.

Does Find My iPhone tracks the AirPods case?

The AirPods themselves are not tracked by locating my iPhone for the record.

For how long do AirPods take to fully recharge?

Getting your AirPods fully charged can take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on your charging speed.

The cover for my AirPods is charging, but how can I know for sure?

When you notice an amber light on your AirPods case, they are ready to be charged.

Are the new AirPods 2 rechargeable or non-rechargeable?

AirPods 2 have a 5-hour listening duration and a 3-hour speaking time on a fully charged battery. The AirPods 2 battery may last up to 24 hours, depending on how you use them.

What happens if you mix up AirPods?

You’ll be notified if you’ve misplaced your AirPods or if they have someone else.

How can serial numbers track AirPods if they’ve been stolen?

No, Apple cannot trace stolen AirPods based on their serial numbers.

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Can you find my lost AirPods?

If you happen to find someone else’s AirPods, they may be able to track it. They will continue to exist in the absence of a reset or death.

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