How to change the battery in Honeywell proseries thermostat


A Honeywell thermostat’s batteries may be easily replaced by doing the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the power source.
  2. Baseplate removal is required to remove the battery compartment
  3. The batteries that were in use should be disposed of.
  4. Recharge the batteries
  5. Connect the battery compartment to the baseplate again.
  6. Turn on the circuit breakers by flipping the switch.

Do not be alarmed! It’s ideal for replacing a thermostat with either a hinge or a pull mechanism.

#1 Turn off the power.

Before you begin to break, you must first understand what you Make careful to lower the temperature. You may turn it off using the on/off switch on the side. If the thermostat fails after removing the batteries, it will prevent it from not syncing itself.

Then shut off the circuit breakers at the thermostat.

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#2 To remove the battery compartment from its mounting plate, considerable force is necessary.

Depending on the Honeywell thermostat model, the instructions will be different. Check the table below for the technique suited for your model and follow the instructions.

#3 Dispose of Outdated Battery Packs

Faceplate batteries should be free of any charge. Make a note of the size of the previous battery. After that, the batteries should be thrown away.

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#4 Batteries need to be changed.

New batteries should be used to replace those that have worn out. The vast majority require two AAA batteries of Honeywell thermostats. Replace the batteries that were in your device with those that were in it previously.

#5 battery compartment should be re-installed on the Baseplate.

Different thermostat models have different instructions for this operation. To discover which approach is best for your particular model, look at the table below.

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#6 Turn on the Power

Circuit breakers may be used to turn the electricity back on. Then, turn it on using the thermostat’s on/off switch. Next, watch for a new countdown timer to appear on your screen. After a minute, your thermostat will be reactivated and ready to use.

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