How To Change Color On Red Dragon Mouse



  1. Go to the Light tab in the Redragon mouse program.
  2. The mouse comes preloaded with five predefined settings. There are 16 million LED color variations to choose from when it comes to lighting.
  3. Click Apply.

Because the whole surface of the mouse is textured, you can hold on to it better. I can predict that the surface will become smooth after a long period of use. It’s not horrible, but you can still feel it. The left and right mouse buttons are at the screen’s top.

Scrolling is made simpler with the scroll wheel’s rubber grip. Unfortunately, it can only be clicked down and has no side clicks. This switch may be found on the right side of the mouse’s scroll wheel. There are four DPI settings available.

The area immediately behind the switch will be lighted at each level. The palm rest has an illuminated red Dragon logo.

The mouse has two light strips running down the sides, one on each side. Unfortunately, these LED colors can’t be adjusted. There are two thumb buttons on the left side. Using them is a breeze, and they’re quite plush.

The front button has a rough surface, whereas the rear button is smooth. Keep your thumb in place when gaming with this. In addition, it has a non-slip texture design. It’s not rubber, so you could lose grip if your hands get sweaty.

The texture pattern on the right side is identical to that on the left, except there are no buttons.

A left-handed user can still use the mouse but won’t be able to utilize the thumb buttons. Four Teflon-coated soft mouse feet, a 3200 DPI optical sensor, and a weight storage compartment are all found beneath the mouse. 8 × 2.4-gram weights may be obtained by twisting the open.

If you want a lighter mouse, you may take off all the weights. This USB cable has a gold-plated connection and a length of 1.8 meters (5.9 feet). It is comprised of red and black braided cables.

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Redragon mouse s101: How can I change the color?

You may change the color by following these procedures.

  1. First, open the Redragon mouse software and choose the “Light tab” in the main menu.
  2. There are five pre-programmed settings for the mouse. There are many LED color options available for customizing the lighting.
  3. When you’re finished, click Apply.

How do I reset my Redragon mouse?

Make sure your computer’s mouse is unplugged from the rear ports. With both buttons 4 and 5 held down, plugging the mouse back in results in a 125Hz polling rate.

When the wheel is illuminated, the polling rate will rise to 125 cycles per second. Button 5 may be pressed and held during mouse connection to increase the polling rate to 500Hz.

What is the lifespan of a Redragon mouse?

A very long time, especially if it’s well-maintained. About a year and a half

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To what extent can I customize my Redragon keyboard’s color scheme?

It’s easy to customize your Redragon keyboard’s color by pressing FN while also pressing the right arrow key simultaneously.

To choose your favorite color, you may just rotate between the options.

My Redragon Sniper Pro Mouse’s color has changed. Now what?

You’ll find it in the “Light tab” of the Redragon mouse program. The mouse comes with five pre-set options. You may change the color of the LEDs. To save your settings, click “Apply.”

How do I change the color on my Redragon k552?

  1. To access the Function key (FN), hit the Tilde key ().
  2. The right side of the keyboard should light up with two lights if the key is pressed correctly.
  3. Right Arrow and Function (FN) may be used to adjust the lighting color ().
  4. Press the Tilde key to begin (). When you find a color you like, press the color keys.
  5. Optional: The Tilde () key’s light may be turned off by altering the color of the Tilde () key.
  6. For more or lesser control over the LED’s brightness, press and hold Function (FN) + Up ().
  7. Function (FN) + Tilde may be used to exit customizing mode ().

What is the purpose of the Redragon macro, and how do I use it?

To use dragon’s impact gaming application to record a macro. Macro management: Select a button, then build a macro by selecting it in the macro manager.

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Is the Redragon mouse and keyboard good?

Because of its affordable prices, high quality, and extensive availability, Redragon is trusted by customers. If you’re looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, mouse, or headset, Redragon is a great place to start.

What is the keyboard shortcut for enabling Redragon?

Press and hold the Fn + PRTSC keys (placed next to F12) for around 3 seconds before pressing the F1, F3, and F5 keys on a keyboard to enable RGB illumination.

What’s the best way to customize the color of your keyboard?

Using the keyboard shortcuts FN + C, you may choose a different color for the LED lighting. Two more colors may be selected in the System Setup menu in addition to the four normal colors of white, red, green, and blue (BIOS).

Can you help me figure out how to modify my keyboard’s color scheme?

Hold down the Fn key and the right Alt key (which resembles a bulb). Hold them down while pressing PgDn to toggle the light’s hue.

My Redragon keyboard won’t light up. What’s wrong with it?

Holding the FN button while simultaneously hitting SCRLK may be used to see whether your keyboard is lit up.

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What is the procedure for changing the color of your gaming keyboard?

To change your screen’s color, use the Fn + right Alt + up arrow or down arrow on your keyboard. You may cycle among the hues by repeatedly holding the Fn and Alt keys while hitting the arrow keys.

What is the function of the Fn key?

A keyboard modifier key, such as Shift, activates an additional function on a dual-purpose key. Controlling hardware operations such as screen brightness and audio volume is accomplished by pressing Fn on laptop keyboards.

Page Up and Down, commonly coupled with Up Arrow and Down Arrow, are often included in very small desktop keyboards.

Do you know whether there’s software for Redragon?

Yes. It is necessary to use a third-party program such as WinRAR or a comparable program to unzip the Redragon software once it has been downloaded.

Why does Lakshmi have Bluetooth on her?

Yes, it may be used with Bluetooth devices.

Can Redragon m609 drag click?

The red dragon m609 supports drag-clicking.

How do I change the polling rate on my Redragon mouse?

Plugging your mouse back in is the first step. 125Hz polling rate may be achieved by holding buttons 4 and 5 simultaneously and then re-plugging the mouse into its USB slot.

The polling rate will be raised to 125Hz once the wheels start light. Press and hold Button 5 while connecting the mouse to the computer to increase the polling rate to 500Hz.

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What is the procedure for dismantling a Redragon?

Remove the two mouse feet, release the five screws, and then separate the top and bottom shells by snapping them together. It’s that easy! The interior design is similarly rather simple.

There are two layers to the top shell’s appearance: one transparent and one opaque. All of the components, save for the side and top buttons, are contained on a single PCB.

Is Redragon software compatible with Mac?

No, it is not compatible with Mac OS X.

Is the Redragon Mouse compatible with Mac?


When you insert this mouse into a Mac, it will instantly begin working.

The Redragon m711 has how many buttons?

The Redragon m711 may perform up to 59 different activities using a single click.

Do Redragon mice have the ability to be butterfly-clicked?

Yes, you can use a dragon mouse to do a butterfly click.

Can the Redragon m601 double click?

There is no doubt that a double-click occurs when you press the mouse button twice fast.

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Can Redragon mice drag click?

Yes, Redragon mice can drag-click.

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