How Far Is Bristol Tennessee From Ontario Canada?


When traveling from Bristol, Tennessee, to the Canadian border, how far do you have to go?

The distance between Bristol, Tennessee, and Toronto, Ontario, is 693 miles (1 115 kilometers). A direct flight from Bristol, Tennessee, to Toronto, Ontario, covers 509 miles. This is the same as traveling 819 kilometers or 442 nautical miles.

Exactly how much further away from Canada is Bristol, Tennessee?

Bristol is situated about midway between Memphis (in the southwestern corner of the state) and the Canadian border (roughly 400 miles away), with a total distance of about 450 miles between the two cities (in the northeastern corner).

Where does Bristol stand about Ontario, Canada?

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Bristol and Memphis, Tennessee, is 63 miles, but the distance between Bristol and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, is 123 miles. In comparison to Memphis’s 502 miles, Canada is 565 miles away.

Is Ontario, Canada, closer to Bristol, Tennessee, than Memphis, Tennessee?

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How long does it take to get from Bristol TN to Ontario Canada?

The total time spent driving is 11 hours and 37 minutes. Your trip begins in earnest in Bristol, Tennessee. The ultimate goal is Toronto, Canada. The distance from Bristol, Tennessee, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is something you might want to know if you’re planning a road trip.

From Tennessee to Canada, how long would it take?

One thousand three hundred forty-nine kilometers are separating Tennessee and Canada; traveling nonstop at 50 kilometers per hour would take 27 hours.

How far away from Canada is Memphis, Tennessee?

How long does it take to get from Memphis, Tennessee, to Toronto, Ontario

If you leave Memphis, Tennessee, and head to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the trip will take 35.93 hours if you average 50 kilometers per hour in your car.

How far is it from East Tennessee to West Tennessee in miles?

The state is about 440 miles (710 kilometers) in length from east to west and about 112 miles (180 kilometers) wide on average.

The state of Tennessee is split into three distinct regions called Grand Divisions, each with its unique history, culture, economy, and set of laws: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.

Can you drive to Canada from Tennessee?

No doubt about it, 1225 km is the shortest driving distance. The 13 hours and 7-minute drive from Tennessee to Canada are long.

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How far would it be from Tennessee to Canada if you took a plane?

The approximate flight time between Tennessee and Canada is calculated using a straight distance of 1,716 miles (2,762 kilometers).

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