Can you wear piercing retainers in the military?


Having a retainer in a body piercing is perfectly acceptable in the armed forces. You must check in at MEPS or another designated medical intake facility. Any paperwork you send them, they’ll mark up for you.

The retainer might only be in effect during the evening hours, depending on your stage. Apart from that, you should be fine.

Navy policy prohibits uniformed personnel from piercing at any time. This is because no jewelry, including earrings for women, may be worn or inserted into any piercings or orifices on the body.

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Piercing the body

Nothing may be worn or displayed in or through the ear, nose, tongue, mouth, or any other visible body part (including those visible through the uniform).

A little further down the road, there are supposed “uniform and grooming requirements” for military service. Currently, wearing a nose stud while in uniform is frowned upon. A common sight during uniform hours is people in full uniform but with holes in their shirts or other body parts.

Women can wear medically necessary earrings while in uniform at the mess and the service. Gold, silver, or white pearl earrings are all appropriate. Female earrings can be worn singly or as a pair.

There are several piercing establishments from which you can choose to use a clear stud. 16-gramme L-shaped borosilicate glass is ready for immediate use.

The disc or labret can have a texture that complements your skin tone. The second design is much more secure and won’t fall out of your brand-new piercing.

Jewelry and other Adornments

Soldiers can wear a timepiece and an ID bracelet on their right wrist. In addition to the Army uniform, they may wear two rings (a wedding set is one ring). Soldiers are expected to wear only quality, understated jewelry.

For what time frame is it safe to wear a retainer for a piercing?

Make sure your piercing is fully healed before inserting a retainer, especially if you plan on using a clear or flesh-colored one. The healing process could take as long as nine months, depending on the piercing.

Can I ask if the Air Force allows retainers for body piercings?

No Airman may wear or display anything on or through his or her visible ears, nose, tongue, eyebrows, lips, or any other part of his or her body (including visible through clothing).

Is it permissible to have visible piercings in the army?

Any time a service member is on an Army installation or other area under Army control, whether in uniform or civilian attire (whether on duty or off duty), they are prohibited from wearing or displaying any item that attaches to or penetrates the skin (this includes earrings for male soldiers).

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Is it possible to get your nose pierced with a clear stud?

You can wear a stud that is virtually invisible in almost any piercing. Bioplast or Bioflex (a biologically inert material that will not react with your body) describes this. Since Bioplast can be sterilized in an autoclave, it’s safe to use for a first piercing.

Any suggestions on how I can hide my piercing?

To hide a piercing you’d rather no one see, you can wear a hoodie or insert a clear earring (also called a retainer) into your ear. I have multiple ear piercings; what should I do? Remove them if they’re not brand new, dab some Vaseline into the holes to “fill” them slightly, and then cover the spots with concealer.

In the military, are there restrictions on body piercings?

Absent without leave from a military base

No member is permitted to wear or display anything that goes in or on their body, including but not limited to earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, or any other body part (including visible through clothing). Women can get their earlobes pierced, but they shouldn’t go crazy.

Do you think retainers would work in basic training?

However, if you have braces, you won’t be able to participate in the first part of your training. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until after basic training to get your braces off and show off your new smile. However, since retainers can be easily removed, you can continue to wear them throughout basic military training.

May men in uniform wear earrings?

Any time a service member is on an Army installation or other area under Army control, whether in uniform or civilian attire (whether on duty or off duty), they are prohibited from wearing or displaying any item that attaches to or penetrates the skin (this includes earrings for male soldiers).

Is it permissible to have a tattoo on your neck in the army?

The Army has one of the strictest tattoo policies in the military, despite a 2015 update and relaxation of the policy. No visible tattoos on the face, neck, wrists, hands, or anywhere above the t-shirt collar. Having tattoos that can be seen is essentially forbidden.

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When enlisting in the Army, are earrings allowed?

Earrings made of gold, silver, or diamond and attached via a screw, clip, or post may not exceed 6 mm (about 1/4 inch) in diameter. Sanders said that the ACU does not allow pearl earrings.

Is it permissible for me to have a septum piercing in the Army?

A septum piercing is acceptable for you. Having the piercing done while in uniform is not permitted. If you plan on visiting MEPS, bring this along. If you’re going to Basic Training, don’t bother bringing it.

Can you tell me how I can hide my nose piercing if I don’t have a retainer?

To avoid needing a retainer, a nostril piercing can be hidden. Bandage tape can be cut into a small circle or square and placed over the piercing.

When used properly, do retainers for piercings ensure no harm?

If you want to hide or disguise your piercing, you can wear a piercing retainer instead of jewelry. Also, to maintain its accessibility and usefulness when a closed piece of jewelry cannot be used. Because they are not magnetic, Bioplast retainers can be worn during MRIs, x-rays, and other diagnostic imaging procedures.

Where can I find the smallest nose studs?

This is the smallest piercing gauge available, and it is highly unusual to see people in the United States with noses pierced at this size.

How can I hide my new nose stud?

Take out your piercing jewellery (ring, stud, or studs) and give the area a good scrub. Then, use a concealer to cover the spot completely. Gently buff the area, and then use a face foundation suited to your skin tone to cover it completely.

Exactly what is a belly piercing retainer?

If you want to keep your belly piercing but avoid irritating body jewelry, consider the clear belly retainer with O-ring, which is a medical-grade banana bell (similar to a bent barbell). The total length of the belly ring is 20mm (2cm).

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Is it okay for me to get a piercing without telling my parents?

Hold off until you can legally consume alcohol. You must be underage if you don’t want your parents to know. If you are under 18, no respectable piercer will pierce you. Teenagers are hesitant to get piercings even when they are 17 and can do so without their parent’s approval.

When applying for a job, should you mention that you have piercings?

Even though body modification techniques like piercing and tattooing are more popular in the United States, studies show they can hurt your chances of getting hired. Hiring managers might not consider candidates with facial piercings a good fit for the job because of the stigma attached to the practice.

Can I get piercings if I want to work for the FBI?

Only women are permitted to wear earrings, which must be small, uncomplicated, and fastened securely (not dangling or a design that could catch on to something or someone).

No additional piercings of the face are allowed. Hair should be of a decent length, and no wild coloring or styling should be present.

Can someone serving in the Army National Guard get piercings?

Beards are prohibited in the National Guard, but moustaches must adhere to specific guidelines. Male National Guardsmen are not permitted to have body piercings, while women are limited to having one ear piercing each.

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Can I get a tattoo if I join the Army?

The Army and the Navy have some of the more lenient tattoo policies in the armed forces as of 2021. No visible tattoos on the hands, arms, neck, or face are allowed. Except for two rings on each hand, no tattoos are allowed.

There is a zero-tolerance policy on offensive tattoos of any kind, including those that promote racism, sexism, extremism, or general obsceneness.

I wear braces; will that prevent me from being enlisted?

To be sworn in as a military member, your braces must be removed first because you cannot be deployed while wearing them. Joining the military while still amid orthodontic treatment necessitates participation in the Delayed Entry Program.

Is it permissible to wear braces in the military?

If you need braces, you can forget about joining the military. The military may cover the cost of braces if they are deemed a necessary medical treatment. However, many military personnel prefers to seek out a civilian orthodontist at their own expense.

Why can’t the military wear braces?

They would be responsible for the follow-up adjustments and removal of the orthodontic device, making it impossible for you to enlist in the armed forces while undergoing treatment with braces.

The Army mess uniform: what does it entail?

The Army White Mess is a formal dress uniform that all male personnel are encouraged to wear on a voluntary and seasonal basis. It’s the military equivalent of a civilian tuxedo or white dinner jacket, so it can be worn to formal events that require black tie attire.

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When in uniform, can a woman soldier wear earrings?

Wear earrings to work even if you’re in uniform.

Both male and female soldiers are allowed to wear earrings when they are out of uniform and off duty, so long as the earrings do not promote or encourage ear gauging (enlarged holes in the lobe of the ear, greater than 1.6 mm).

The mullet: acceptable or unacceptable in the military?

Male US Air Force personnel typically sport either a full buzz cut, a flat top, or a military high and tight. Extremely flouncy hairstyles are not allowed. This includes the Mohawk, the mullet, and the dreadlocks (for men only).

Is it permissible to have long hair in the military?

Women are allowed to wear their hair long in the military, but they must adhere to certain regulations. Short hair is acceptable for men. The primary reason why long hair is frowned upon is that it hinders conformity. In the military, conformity to standards is highly valued (fewer variables to deal with).

When enlisting, am I allowed to put my hair in a ponytail?

The Army recently decided to allow female soldiers to wear ponytails with any uniform. It broadens the hair standards that were introduced in January. Many female soldiers were reprimanded for not wearing their hair in a tight bun for a long period.

Can a woman get her head shaved if she wants to join the Navy?

Women are not permitted to have hair that is extremely brightly colored or trendy, hair that has designs cut or braided into it, or any shaving of the scalp (aside from the neckline). Hairstyles that protrude from the head, such as braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, and ponytails, are prohibited.

Are retainers for body piercings allowed in the Navy?

In no uncertain terms. At the same time, going through MEPS or any other similar medical screening checkpoint. Whatever you need to be annotated, they will do it. If you only wear the retainer at night (while in the appropriate phase), you should be fine.

Is it permissible to have a belly button piercing in the Navy?

Body piercing is a common practice. This is not allowed while wearing the uniform. Besides the permitted earring styles for women, nothing else may be worn in or inserted into a person’s ear, nose, or body orifice.

Can one enlist with stretched ears?

Whether it’s ear gauging or tongue splitting (or any other form of self-mutilation), soldiers are not allowed to voluntarily harm their bodies or parts (enlarging holes in the ear lobes greater than 1.6 mm).

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Is it possible to have a sleeve in the army?

There is a zero-tolerance policy for full-sleeved tops, visible tattoos of any size, and ink anywhere on the neck, elbows, or knees.

In comparison, the Army does not have a policy against tattoos, those that are visible while in uniform are not permitted. In 2016, sailors were permitted to get tattoos behind their ears and necks in the Navy.

How do the armed forces of the United Kingdom salute?

The British military has used a right-hand palm-forward salute, with fingers almost touching the cap or beret, since 1917. The hand furthest away from the person being saluted (whether right or left) was the one used to give the salute. This practice persisted until 1917.

Can you have any nail polish color in the military?

Nude/natural tones, American manicures, and light pink are all acceptable nail polish colors to wear. Ballerina, stiletto, arrow, and coffin nails are all examples of extreme nail shapes that are not allowed. The use of both square and rounded-tip nails is acceptable.

What is the policy on white nail polish in the armed forces?

Extreme colours include, but are not limited to, purple, gold, blue, black, white, bright (fire-engine) red, khaki, camouflage, and fluorescent hues. Nail art that features designs or more than one color is not permitted on soldiers’ hands.

Is it acceptable to serve with a moustache?

Except for recruits in basic training, moustaches are accepted in the armed and police forces.

How many rings are you allowed to wear as a soldier?

If not prohibited by the commander for health or safety reasons, soldiers wearing Army uniforms may accessorize with a wristwatch, a wrist identification bracelet, and two rings (a wedding set counts as one ring). Military personnel is expected to wear tasteful jewelry that is in keeping with their profession.

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Do Army regulations prohibit the use of white watches?

In cases where the commander has ordered otherwise due to health and safety concerns, wristwatches may be worn while in uniform.

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