Apology Letter to Girlfriend


When you and your girlfriend have disagreements or conflicts, it might progress to a fight. If you’re the one who made the error, you’ll be haunted by feelings of shame and a burning desire to right the wrong. Leave her a note if you want things to go forward swiftly.

If you’re going to write an apologetic letter to your girlfriend, make sure you say what you want. Keep in mind that you’re apologizing to a person who has a particular place in your heart. The more aggressive you are, the more likely that you and your spouse will get into disagreements.

Use the correct language while apologizing. Girls are emotional beings, and your message will be misunderstood if it comes off as cold or uncaring to them. The letter should be a magnificent expression of your love for your girlfriend since you must care so much about her.

When you’ve done something wrong, it’s apparent that it has affected her somehow or another. Saying apologies is critical to avoid irreparable damage to your relationship.

Apology Letter To Girlfriend Writing Tips

  • Don’t forget to express your regret right away.
  • If you need to clarify what occurred, write a paragraph in your letter.
  • Rather than blaming her for the incident, apologize.
  • Your thoughts on her should also be expressed in a separate letter section.
  • Please don’t make her feel like she’s a burden on your life.
  • Make a romantic apology to her in the form of a sonnet or short romantic passage.
  • Waiting expectantly for her response, tell her how much you care.
  • End the letter in a high tone.

Apology Letter To Girlfriend Template

Use our free Apology Letter to Girlfriend to help you get started.









Subject: I am Sorry!

My Dear (Name of your girlfriend),

I am so sorry for _______(Reason for Apology). I understand how much this (reason) must have hurt you. I hope you will understand my feelings and will forgive me for this. I can’t explain how bad I am feeling. I have been thinking of you all the time. I am really sad for whatever I did that made you upset. I assure and promise you that it won’t happen ever again. I am going to see to it that I don’t repeat my mistakes and not make any new mistakes either.

You are very special to me, and I want you to know that I will make you feel special today and always. Please forgive me for what I did. I hope you’ll understand me and not let this incident spoil the relationship we share.

See you soon.

With lots of love,

Name and Signature

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of an Apology Letter to Girlfriend.




Hardy Road 

Golden Church 


March 22, 2022. 


Rock Peter Road 
Red Cross Temple 

Subject: I am Sorry!

My Dear Senorita,

I know you must be going through the worst days of your life. I understand that you are deeply sorrowful because of what I have done. I am deeply sorry for all the things that I have said and done that caused you hurt. It must be very hard for you to pass your days as I know I have made you completely upset by getting angry with you. I shouldn’t have shouted at you so much.

You mean the whole world to me. You are the greatest treasure that I have, and I always will cherish the beautiful moments that you have gifted me. I assure and promise you that I won’t get angry at you ever again. I am going to see to it that I don’t repeat my mistakes and will do everything I can to make you happy.

I know that you won’t believe this, but I have been trying hard to get rid of my bad habits since that incident as you don’t like them. I am sure that you are the perfect girl for me. You are my dream girl, and I am blessed to have you. I promise, one day I will make you proud and be the best man in your life. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you understand my feelings and regrets. I love you a lot; please come back soon, my life is empty without you. Please call me as soon as possible; I want to hear your sweet voice which I have been missing badly.

With lots of love,

Your Name.

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Email Format

The following is the Email Format that should be followed while writing an apology letter to your girlfriend.

To: name@email.com

From: name@email.com

SUBJECT: Subject: I am Sorry!

Dear (name of person),

I am so sorry for not attending your birthday party yesterday as promised. I got the ticket easily and was at the airport at the right time, but unfortunately, because of the weather, all the flights were canceled. I tried my best to catch a connecting flight, but I could not get one. It was only at the last moment that our semester exams were postponed and were a week before your birthday or else I would have come a day before your birthday.

I know you understand me well and hope that will forgive me for this. I can’t explain how bad I felt about missing your birthday. I was thinking about you all the time. I have booked the ticket for today and will reach there by evening. I assure you we will make up for the birthday; we shall have a blast! I’m longing to meet you personally and tell you how bad I am feeling for not attending your birthday.

Your birthday is certainly a special day for me, and I had made a lot of plans for it. I am so sorry that I spoiled your mood. I promise to be on time for your next birthday, and we shall have a grand celebration.

With lots of love,


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